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Trailers, Quotes and Stuff

‘SS-GB’ promo
The UK is under Nazi occupation and swastika banners are everywhere. Rag N Bone Man sings over the promo as people get punched. This looks good.

‘The Founder’ TV spot

‘Billions’ season 2 promo

‘Hidden Figures’ TV spot
Fat Kevin Costner and NASA. No.

‘The Walking Dead’ promo

‘Enemy of the State’ (1998) promo

‘Supergirl’ 2x12 promo
Poor Lena.

‘The Flash’ 3x13 promo

Raspberry jam - nice.
Super greens soup - no.
Gluten free lemon muffin - nice.
Fruit cake - okay.

RIP Tara Palmer-Tomkinson and Richard Hatch.

Lady Gaga’s halftime show wasn’t all that.

I won’t review ‘The Flash’ 3x11 ‘Dead Or Alive’.

I’ll give the 2nd season of epidemiology show ‘Helix’ a go.

Theo James is in a play in London.

‘World War Z 2’ delayed.

Victoria’s Secret was made by prison labour?

Anyone see ‘Trapped In Paradise’ (1994) or ‘Aquamarine’ (2006)?

Introverts unite, separately in your own homes.

What is a cigar box fiddle?

Houseguest left heater on all night. He yanks open the dishwasher and dislodges a shelf and complains about the cooker and makes endless mess.

‘Dr Phil’ Quotes:
“Take her away from a bar.”

“Not acting appropriately.”

“Don’t feel safe at her home.”

“With her men.”

“Didn’t think that was inappropriate.”

“I never touched genitalia.”

“Why were you trying to touch him at all?”

“Lost in Los Angeles.”

“You can all judge me!”

“Blowing through it.”

“Stopped that situation.”

“You’re like Hitler.”

“Chased him with knives.”

“Pushed you out of a moving car when you were 8 months pregnant.”

“A quality woman.”

“Where did you learn that parenting style?”

“Very contentious relationship with your daughter.”

“Perhaps I’m not expressing this clearly.”

“Why are you doing this if it doesn’t work?”

“Actually plotting her murder.”

“This is your plan for parenting. Go forth and do it.”

“Discipline plan.”

“Arrogant smirk.”

“Doesn’t do much of anything.”

“You sure should have.”

“Take her friends away.”

“You’re 16 hours away, why?”

“Getting a mouth.”

“Just unnecessary.”

“Not good decisions for her to be making.”

“She will never go there.”

“That’s not the talk of a person who cares about their life.”

‘The Irish Times’ Quotes:
“Living in poor circumstances.”

“Polite indifference.”

“Relatively complex.”

“Cease implementation of its obligation.”

“Watching TV in his bathrobe.”

“Totem of a victory.”

‘The Guardian’ Quotes:
“Speech donors.”

“Fulfils its destiny through a cycle of catastrophic crises.”

“A much less dangerous imagination.”

“An accessible shower, which began spewing sewage whenever their toilet was flushed.”

“That suits a tabloid narrative.”

“Having not been killed in every major battle.”

“Tom Hardy in a funny hat, glowering at people for eight hours.”

“Scratch-cooking trend.”

“Macho common sense.”

“Narcissistic terminating imperative.”

“Chillingly unspecified.”


“Vague, emotive intensifier.

“Not yet ready to surrender what they perceive to be necessary in order to protect their own interests as they see them.”

“Similar fact.”

“Largely fictious misery of moderately famous middle-aged women.”

‘Sky News’ Quotes:
“Troubling political times.”

“I will put you in the corner with CNN!”

“Horrible, dangerous and wrong.”

“Impugning the character.”

“Any kind of perceived insult.”

‘The Dust’ Quotes:
“It definitely wasn’t ok at all.”

“Call me liberated, but I’ve got a key to my own house.”

Modern Family’ Quote:
“In a Mexican strip joint.”

‘Deadly 60’ Quote:
“Carp crunching cat.”

On ‘Neighbours’: Drab may have quit the show. Yes! Paige bad mouths Terse and tantrums. ‘Dee’ and her accomplice Sindi cackle. Who is Sindi? The ring was remade. Piper whines and tantrums for money. There are confrontational women and Toadie has no shame. Sonia has stress and anxiety. The Bliss estate is insolvent so Toadie gives ‘Dee’ a fistful of money. Paige suddenly has a bump. Piper wants to divorce her parents. Ned is overlooked. Piper can’t afford to go to school. Paige interferes. Willow wears pigtails. The barbarous scam goes on. Toadie overlooks obvious wrong-doing. Piper wails and Tyler is dumb. Piper has self-delusion and a grandiose sense of self-worth. ‘Dee’ has an unpleasant personality. This is a relentlessly terrible and tedious lunatic farce. Not a mournful noble tragedy. ‘Dee’ is completely horrible. The vile brothers cause more issues.

On ‘Hollyoaks’: Liam the Harry Styles lookalike whines and shrieks. Diane blusters. Lily whines. John-Paul bores. Diego lurks. Esther and Kim take Curtis from Grace and promptly ditch him. Grace runs. Jack is detested and then he isn’t. This was comic crapness. People are contemptuous heartless opportunists. Diego boffs Frankie. Diane visits Finn who wants out of jail. There is disunity. This is not a particularly desirable product. Grace’s mother throws her under a bus. Where is Minnie? Where is James? Jack doesn’t go to jail. Adam proposes to Maxine. There is rampant mistrust and grim requests.

Best Line:
“You disgust me.”


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