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Book Review: Anno Dracula 1899 And Other Stories, part 2

Anno Dracula 1899 And Other Stories by Kim Newman, part 2

Sarah Minds The Dog
A dog-minding job goes awry with unremitting bleakness. Okay.

The Snow Sculptures Of Xanadu
Kane’s former mansion is haunted. No beneficial aspects to this.

The Pale Spirit People
A take on the ancient Indian burial ground trope. No.

An excellent dark retelling of the Superman mythos.

Coastal City
A city beset by heroes and super villains experiences the tropes of the golden age comics to the modern day. Okay.

Completist Heaven
A cable channel shows nothing but Frankenstein projects that could have been. Not a paean.

Une Etrange Aventure De Richard Blaine
A divisive and corrosive man faces uber-myths in Paris. No brilliance here.

Frankenstein On Ice
The monster is found when the ice melts. Good.

Yokai Town: Anno Dracula 1899
Sets the scene for the next ‘Anno Dracula’ novel. There is no boundary crossing here. Nor are there heart wrenchingly sad significant challenges or moral weight as vampires with stubborn resilience seek asylum in Japan. Yawn.
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