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Amerika (1987) part 5 + Hawaii Five-0 7x06 Reviewed

Amerika (1987) part 5
Peter makes a speech, people sing and there is STARING. This was not a taut depiction of poisoned circumstances. There is moral concern, pernicious evil, inefficacy and Devin’s anguished self-absorption. This was dull. Devin is stupid. Peter gets a job. Denisov and Peter chat. Denisov says they’ve conquered but have no control due to not understanding choice. Why does Devin give moral instruction? What’s happening in England? Denisov orates about his soul. Justin does more stupid crap as stirring music plays. Then he maybe dies. There’s an underground railroad. This was not devastatingly brutal.

Best Lines:
“You understand nothing.”

“I don’t want your pity, your understanding or your forgiveness.”

“How could we not win?”

Ka hale ho’okauwei
Danno takes guileless joy in being dreary and irritating and unfaltering ass with callous disregard for others. A medium dies. The obvious suspect is guilty. A 1940 haunting is mentioned and never explained despite being the subject of long running whispers. Kono and Adam are married now? Danno ignores his surly kids. Where is his evil ex? This is inept and one is left aghast and mystified that this is still on. There is a fake a haunting and a death cult. There is bad acting and this was rubbish.
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