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Amerika (1987) part 4 + Arrow 5x10 + Z Nation 3x14 Reviewed

Amerika (1987) part 4
Devin strolls, East German refugees are stuck in the occupied USA, Devin was involved with Peter’s wife and this is not evocative. Jackie doesn’t know the history of her own country and she wears plaid. There is a mention of the Tea Party and the Vatican. There is mumbling.

The White House and the POTUS are visited and there are sinister undertones as they are insignificant. People play music in a barn. Devin bores. A truck driver is harassed. Devin monotones in the dark. The Soviets have issues. There is bad hair. Devin rants about his sons. Peter rants. Ugly yellow clothes are worn. Nobody has a defined personality. This was a yawn. There is a creepy parade. This was all boring padding and filler that gives no grim satisfaction.

Best Lines:
“A piece of the past”

“Men with good intentions.”

“Alaska was a disaster.”

“I drive. I don’t get anything.”

“Decadent rock and roll.”

“Win and fail. That brings madness.”

“You don’t have any rights.”

Who Are You?
Fake Laurel lies and Oliver is dumb. Can Felicity go away? There is mumbling and more useless flashbacks. There is no moral action just continued aggression and acerbity. This ep draws scorn for mocking Laurel to big up Felicity. Saint Felicity doesn’t care that her boyfriend is dead. Laurel is Black Siren. I don’t care about Oliver’s death instinct. There is no TV immortality here. Why is Black Siren scared of Prometheus?

Chase lurks. Felicity needs to shut up. Mr Terrific whines. Why won’t Felicity shut up? How does Prometheus know things? Felicity is spiteful and petty. Poor Laurel and Black Siren are stuffed in the fridge to make Felicity look good. Oliver has self destructive urges and Felicity does no grief work. Diggle sits in jail. This show needs critical assistance to improve. This was unreliable and ostentatiously terrible. There are confrontations. Black Siren deliberately tries to provoke people and there is a complete misunderstanding and no reasonable consideration. Oliver and Prometheus fight - the big bad had better be Tommy after all this.

This entire ep was just an excuse for Felicity to ‘punch’ Black Siren in a badly done scene. Talia shows up. The Black Canary statute shows up and her replacement lurks in Hub City. Felicity is ungracious.

Best Lines:
“For your woman.”

“One bad choice after another.”

“He loves sisters.”

“Don’t move Trinity.”

“Lack of manhood.”

Why don’t they just shoot Murphy? Addy stalks The Man. This was not audacious. Lucy is an annoying idiot. Lucy says the zombies aren’t just viral infections stumbling around in human corpses. People travel endlessly across the post-apoc landscape where petrol supplies apparently aren’t a problem. Lucy causes incitement to violence. She’s not gracious enough to accept help. There are sea zombies and no wrecked vistas. Why are all the boats still there? Did nobody try to escape?

Addy finds chocolate. Lucy does no contemplation. There is a very clean looking road. Is The Man a cyborg or something? A served zombie arm points the way. Where did Addy get her corset? Lucy tantrums. This was not utterly wonderful or intoxicating or beautifully constructed. Lucy grows and how does she know what chocolate is? Doc hallucinates. The Man’s accent slips. Lucy bleeds blue. Who were the people that Addy robbed? Everyone has a psychotic disorder. This was all cliché and daftness.

Best Line:
“Don’t eat garage off the ground.”
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