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Trailers, Quotes and Stuff

‘Power Rangers’ (2017) trailer
The reboot kids aren’t clean cut popular kids. There are gems and where is Tommy aka The Green Ranger? There is Alpha and a legion of warriors. Rita is green and there are posing and zords and slo mo walking and the megazord. This looks to be of varying quality.

Best Lines:
“We’re all screw ups.”

“We’re talking to a wall.”

“That’s a strong ass hologram.”

“It’s morphing time!”


‘Mighty Morphin Power Rangers: The Movie’ (1995) promo

‘Scandal’ promo
Totes ridic.

‘Vikings’ promo

Emerald City’ promo
Goodish, didn’t ‘Tin Man’ do this already?

‘Lip Sync Battle’ promo
Oh good lord.

‘The Moorside’ promo

‘The Flash’ 3x12 promo

‘Arrow’ 5x12 promo

Fruit slab - yum.
Made more gluten free brownie - yum.
Pork burgers - taste like stuffing.
Tomatillo salsa - okay.
Burger - oily.

I was at the Louvre in 2007.

Houseguest steals papers, makes mess, opens the front door, lies in bed all day and leaves doors open. He gets the tablecloth dirty and ruins a meal out by ranting about paper flowers and dolls from 40 or so years ago. Says his sister "ran out" by geting married.

Who saw ‘Finding Forrester’?

Women Who Kill’ Quote:
“Deny all guilt.”

‘The Irish Times’ Quotes:
“Cannot progress in maths because they don’t know the essential basic facts.”

“Social agenda.”

“Expressions of concern.”

“Pithy eloquence.”

“Unfortunately deluded in many respects.”

“Her lengthy history of launching allegations is the work of a fantasist.”

“Specious argument.”

“Public disquiet.”

“Bad comments.”

“Boundaries of trust.”

“Incredibly unsympathetic woman.”

“Sounded very bored.”

“Never clear publicly.”

“Miscalculate his intentions.”

‘The Guardian’ Quotes:


“Amends can be made for almost anything, at some point in politics, but not for this.”

“Refused to take its custom.”

“Encouraging retreat into the past.”

“Dangerous rejection of morality.”

“Ethics was not their business.”

“All life is transient and ultimately pointless.”

“Security pins had to be added to the windows after it was discovered that high winds could prise them open; in one early incident a TV was sucked out of an upper floor apartment.”

Getting rid of the woman who had usurped him.”

“Cast aspersions on his character.”

“Very aware of what they were doing?”

“Blue Peter time capsule unearthed 33 years too early.”

“We became the enemy.”

‘The 5:30’ Quotes:
“Educationally unsound.”

“Told untruths under oath.”

“Calculation and design.”

‘Scandal’ Quotes:
“There is no strategy to fight this.”

“America has made its choice and it is not you.”

“We lost. They won. It’s over.”

‘Dr Phil’ Quotes:
“Not something that would be verified by others.”

“Verifiable fact.”

“Little ho.”

“You’re the whore.”

“Nothing has been accomplished.”

“How would you explain that?”

‘Bones’ Quote:
“That was anti-climatic.”

On ‘Neighbours’: Toadfish fawns over Dee and Willow. The indifferent acting and cosy resentment he has toward Sonia annoy. There are no believable scenes and Steph annoys. The potentially interesting concept of obvious grifter ‘Dee’ tearing up Sonia and Toadfish’s marriage bores. Toadie ignores Nell, the child he ostensibly adores. Does Ned have a job? Toadie plainly distains Sonia. This is utter nonsense. Toadfish acts intrinsically connected to ‘Dee’ and ‘Willow’. Steph spews out her cheating publicly. There is no narrative explanation for any of this. Steph dumps Mark. ‘Dee’ and ‘Willow’ are indeed grifters. It’s all about money and ‘Willow’ is 15. Piper rants.

When will Toadie realise that the unfeasible story was a lie? Dee really is dead. Tyler and Piper beg for food. They’ve no money. She’ll be knocked up and stripping next. Piper doesn’t care. Tyler and his man-bun broods. Piper is caked in make-up. Why are Piper and Xanthe’s uniforms different? Piper and Tyler and their pompous self delusion are genuinely revolting.

Steph lies and insults Sonia. There is a wilful lack of plot. Toadie is dull and blank. Sonia is unhappy and unfulfilled. Piper is dumb and Drab rages. Steph is insufferable. There is no narrative tension. Steph acts without integrity. ‘Willow’ and ‘Dee’ haven’t a shred of remorse. Toadie is a tool and emotionally effusive over the grifters. It’s all jarringly wrong. Steph is confrontational. Sonia is excluded.

Best Line:
“Everyone gets a fish name.”

On ‘Hollyoaks’: There is talk about making hard friends in prison. Kim is incorrigible. Tom lurks. Thorpe mocks Liam. Nobody is possessed of integrity or a calm sense of purpose. Nobody is emotionally generous. Nobody has steel or wit. The hair-dressers isn’t popular. Shane informs Grace that Liam is the snitch and then she hears her bruvver ranting to Thorpe.
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