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Book Reviews: Blood On My Hands + Anno Dracula 1899, part 1

Blood On My Hands by Todd Strasser
Callie Carson is found near murdered rich bitch Katherine Remington-Day holding a bloody knife. Everyone assumes she did it. Stupid Callie runs to find out whodunit making things marginally worse for herself as she learns how little she knows about anything. This was dumb and the ending is borderline offensive.

Best Lines:
“Peer mediation.”

“Sincerely sad and filled with regret.”

Anno Dracula 1899 and other stories by Kim Newman, part 1
I wish they’d reprint ‘Dr Shade’.

Famous Monster
In an AU, a Martian is chronically unhappy about the calamitous mistakes of its acting career. Okay.

A Drug On The Market
A sequel to ‘Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde’, sees the unscrupulous exploit Jekyll’s potion. This has no low level dread as warnings and advice are ignored. Mindless.

Best Lines:
“Shamer of convention.”

“Of exceedingly low character.”

“I had the uncomfortable sensation that I was being judged.”

Illimitable Dominion
I’ve read this before. Poe’s ghost haunts Hollywood; I totally disliked this tale of deeply concerning goings on. Bleak and empty.

Just Like Eddy
I’ve read this before. Poe whinges. There are no creative impulses here.

Amerikanski Dead At The Moscow Morgue
I’m seriously unimpressed with this tale of a perturbing zombie apocalypse in Russia.

The Chill Clutch Of The Unseen
An okay tale of a creepy little town.

One Hit Wanda
Don’t reject your muse. Bad.

Is There Anybody There?
A medium in the 1920s makes contact with an excruciatingly self regarding, cruel and callow internet troll in the noughties. This is an okay if wildly weird tale of defensive cruelty, self-righteous rage and long delayed realisations.

The Intervention
A man is subjected to an intervention by madly unreasonable types. But what is the problem that caused his vertiginous fall from grace? This was emotionally sterile.

Red Jacks Wild
Jack The Ripper takes on the anti-comics protestors and sagely opines. This was terse.

Best Line:
“Hobo Hacker.”
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