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The Flash 3x10 + Supergirl 2x09 + Timeless 1x08 + Z Nation 3x13 + Gotham 2x19 Reviewed

Borrowing Problems From The Future
The basic incontrovertible fact is that Barry is selfish and Iris is boring. Kid Flash is made to look bad. There is no layered characterisation or glorious ham. Snow is patronized. TPTB have ruined HR. Everyone has an unpleasant nature. Who pays for the museum? This leaves one unsatisfied. HR is a ghastly development. TPTB have done a suspension of reason and rationality.

The integrity of the show is not maintained. Julian doesn’t want to know. Barry suffers from self inflicted damage. Barry lies and has more bad decision making processes. There are no immediate empirical results. Barry should be covered in shame for pulling the same crap over and over and over again. I’m thinking of dropping this show. Barry and Cisco are jerks. Barry is a vile disgusting waste with no noble restraint. There is bad dialogue and this show has undergone a derailing tonal shift. The writers are increasingly reliant on the characters being awful.

Cisco vibes into the future. Apparently Killer Frost and Grodd will remerge. HR lurks. Barry needs to take his rightful share of responsibility for the crap going on. Does anyone recall Eddie? This was CRAP.

Best Lines:
“You’re not useful.”

“With diamonds. Big ones.”

Supergirl Lives
Kara will never yield to the overwhelming might of the enemy. Kara wants Mon-El to share her exact needs. Winn gets beat up, ha ha ha. Dichen Lachman and Harley Quinn Smith guest star, only one of them can act. Kevin Smith directs. Snapper Carr sneers, James bores and Kara is stupid. Where is Cat? Where is Maxwell Lord? There is bad acting, Mon-El bores, Alex smiles and one cannot engage fully. Roulette and her slut wear lurks. She has a black heart.

Kara has a view of How Things Ought To Be. Kara and Mon-El ends up on another planet after journeying through something that looks like a stargate. Winn whines. Slaver’s Moon looks like a bad set. This was boring. There is a yellow sun grenade? Roulette has long ago let go of being judged. Mon-El has no aspirational tendencies. This was sap overload. What happened to Kara’s love for James? This bored.

Best Lines:
“He did help.”

“I am not a red shirt!”

“That is a red sun.”

“Define worse.”

“Easy is over.”

Space Race
Malign behaviour by Flynn and his loyal followers derails Apollo 11. Are they living in an alternate time line created by Garcia Flynn? Rufus is ANGRY. Flynn lurks around a woman. Wyatt states. The woman was Flynn’s American mother and he saves her from pain. This was good. Wyatt has incomprehension. The battle for the historical narrative goes on. Wyatt is demonstrably incompetent. What is the objective truth? Flynn has steadfast devotion and it is implicitly suggested that he is in the right.

Best Lines:
“Commie spies.”

“Punch tape.”

“Ugly ass white vest.”

“Sorry Agent Mulder.”

“They made a movie about her.”

The Siege Of Murphytown
Addy rides a motorbike or rather her stunt double does. How is petrol still good after 6 years? What is Zona up to? Kaya is in the arctic as Simon flies to Spokane. Warren has clearly questionable judgement and she has a pessimistic view of blends. Addy roams the lawless carnival wasteland. 10k is a shambling mess, with almost creepy sexual acquiescence to Murphy. Warren beats 10k up. She has active resentment. Nobody is morally upright.

Warren wants to win an argument point. 10k is in emotional turmoil; Warren has a combative relationship with the lifeless and dazed 10k who is bereft of consciousness or personality. Her misguided intentions get worse as Murphy prances and mocks her and everything she values and stands for. Things get disproportionate and illogical. There is no depth or moral shading. Warren and Murphy are bitter antagonists. Warren wants retaliation. The Red Hand Gang attack Murphytown. Murphy is a disgracefully wretched person. Red and 5k show up. Murphy needs to go away. Kaya is pregnant. This was very good.

Best Lines:
“Mind controlled by a half zombie sociopath.”

“If I did, I’d kill myself.”

“Lording over a bunch of half zombie cult members?”

“My murdering nihilist ways.”

Things get bad often and this had no fascinating uniqueness. Watching this is an arduous struggle. Motives are ludicrously vague. This was unchallenging. Strange fakes non-recognition. Theo yells and is increasingly deranged. There is nothing grand or grotesque or gruesome here. Gordon has self assurance. Riddler bores, Bruce whines, Barnes rants and Azrael looks silly. Tabitha and Barbara are sex holes. Penguin gurns. This was bad.

Best Lines:
“You’re dead.”
“Not anymore.”
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