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Trailers, Quotes and Stuff

‘Z Nation’ season 4 teaser
Don’t end!

‘Agents Of SHIELD’ promo
“A problem that has to go away.”

‘Legion’ promo

‘MacGyver’ promo
Boyband hair dude has smugness, Vinnie Jones lurks and this looks annoying.

‘Arrow’ promo

Bacardi & coke - okay.
Extra creamy milk choc - okay.
Gluten free Belgian triple chocolate chunk cookies - yum.

‘Bonfire Of The Vanities’ (1990) was ugh.

Darren Criss to be a singing baddie on ‘The Flash/Supergirl’.

Recall the 4 ‘House’ movies?

Teri Hatcher to be on ‘Supergirl’. Sigh.

Peter Capaldi has quit ‘Doctor Who’. Shrug.

Recall ‘Gargoyles’, ‘Cities Of Gold’ or ‘Willy Fogg’?

Anyone watch the 2001 ‘Night Visions’?

House guest wants a hospital job - I’m laughing. He doesn’t know where things are in the hospital anyway.

I don’t have a bone spur - phew!

Recall Loadsmoney?

Dr Phil’ Quotes:
“Coached him right over to her house.”

“Cheated on me with hookers.”

“Ego feeder.”

“Strip bars.”

“Well known prostitute in the front seat.”

“Go pick up prostitutes.”

“I’m very convinced.”

“A paid massage.”

“Sucking the life out of me.”

“Inappropriate and uninformed.”

“Love forgives.”

“May stab me in the dark.”

“Failed to recognise a risk factor.”

“$300 floor shines.”

“Sexually impossible needs.”

“What he left behind was pain.”

“Help you in that walk.”

“Damaged personal truth.”

“Generate the results you think you deserve.”

“Sociogram of your life.”

“Active risk factor.”

“Talking louder and louder.”

“Endless accusations.”

‘Muriel’s Wedding’ Quote:
“You’ve got no dignity Muriel.”

‘The Irish Times’ Quotes:
“Say horrible things about me in an attempt to have his actions validated by someone in authority.”

“Trans national.”

‘The Guardian’ Quotes:
“Violent distortions.”

“Under systematic, sustained and seditious assault.”

“I’m not trying to protest dresses.”

“Paid for - and decreed by -”

“Famously militant Gilam Street punk scene.”

“Disguise your contempt as a helping hand.”

“Openly hostile.”

“Venal and useless.”

“Caps-lock sarcasm and bad grammar.”

“Fearful image.”

“Moronic supporters.”

“National disgrace.”

“21 Americans are killed each year by armed toddlers and 69 by lawnmowers.”

“Graceless bleat.”

“Reliably gobby.”

“Unwitting predictors.”

“Dark mark.”


“Short-skirted temptresses.”

“Slutty vagina.”

“Under constant critical observation.”

“He’s not a leader of a party I would want to support.”

“Her bizarre behaviour on a morning TV show.”

“Stole the secret of mirrored glass from the Venetians.”

“You know the job is a good one when you’re getting pinned down and cuffed.”

“Pitch encroachment.”

“Conditional caution.”

“Evicted from approximately 33 buildings in the past seven years.”

“Much too late.”

‘The 5:30’ Quotes:
“Don’t want to hear.”

“Headbutting of Elvis impersonator.”

“I go to nut them.”

On ‘Neighbours’: Sheila and Susan fight. Mark rages. Ben cheats. Smug fake Dee introduces Toadie to ‘their’ daughter Willow. I decry the stupidity of this. Toadfish has no idea of basic partner protocol. Ben continues his cold withdrawal from Xanthe. Dee spins a confabulation of obvious lies about Willow to mouth breather Toadie. There was distinctly overwrought acting and this was irritatingly stupid. There is emotional turmoil. Steph always wears the same dirty vest. Nobody is solemn and dignified. Toadfish won’t ask for a paternity test. Willow is not his kid. Mark gets angry at cheating Steph. Dee is obviously a lying faker. This was consistently bad.

On ‘Hollyoaks’: Joel used to be a junkie with Bart and caused someone to OD. Esther yells. Ste rejects Harry’s proposal. I’m sure Harry and his unpleasant nature will kill Amy. Esther literally runs out on Kim for Grace. Joel wants to leave. Dirk comforts Kim. Liam mopes. Shane sleazes. Is he replacing Fraser Black, Trevor and Brendan? Grace’s drag queen wig looks fake. This was ramshackle and plodding. Liam creates hostility. Kim is fretful. There is no raw emotionalism. Goldie is slightly less useful. Ominous music plays. Thorpe lurks. Liam plots.

Best Line:
“Let me think about it. No.”
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