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Z Nation 3x09-3x12 + Class 1x08 Reviewed

Election Day
Addy’s waxed eyebrows are addressed. Addy and Doc run into the lovable con men. This is a spoof of the 2016 election. There is morally bankrupt logic. Addy needs to stop being so precious. This was arrant nonsense. Zombies affright people. This is all stupidity. The con men try to shape social perception. This was uninspired and dull with no creative brilliance. This was neither fulfilling nor emotionally rewarding. This was just pretentious waffle.

This has no blessed quality of simplicity. This was tedious and Addy is just the worst. This has no deadly potency or bitter melancholy or vital execution. There are twisted deceptions and poisonous incendiary lies. This was under delivering, with no logical storyline progression. This was catastrophic, heinous and brutal things happen due to ill words. The con men exploit, mislead and abuse people in this largely useless ep.

Best Lines:
“Do we care?”

“The more you give, the higher the wall.”

“This garbage fire.”

“A series of very large holes. Now we use criminals as bait to attract the zombies. The z’s fall into the holes and eat the criminals.”

“Kill it even harder!”

“I saw it on ’Naked and Afraid’.”

Heart Of Darkness
The zombie apocalypse has been going on for 6 years. Murphy makes wonderfully selfish decisions in this dour emotional reality. Nobody cares about 10k. This is an emotional void. This was not eloquent. Warren gets mean spirited and does some dubious decision making because she hates, loathes and despises Murphy. It’s a maniac situation. Where do they keep getting ammo from? I’m not that enamoured of this. 10k is in Murphy’s clutches again suffering more emotional and behavioural transformation.

Murphy infiltrates every aspect of his life. 10k is belligerent and upset and has had a drastic change in his personality, attitude, line readings, eye looks and body language. This has stagnancy. 10k is heartbreakingly misused. Where did Murphy’s hate for 10k come from? The leader of the Red Hand gang is revealed to be Vasquez who has suffered a psychotic break. This is not brilliantly horrid. Vasquez has mad defiant rage. Irreparable harm is done. There is death. Lucy is seen and she is painted blue and wears a bad wig.

Best Lines:
“Find him something useful to do.”

“These people are psycho, even by apocalypse standards.”

“That makes no sense.”
“And anything else does?”

“Forge our new world from the ruins of the old.”

They Grow Up So Quickly
I thought Lucy’s foster parents decayed? Murphy is cold and distant. 10k has no self determination, he’s all disillusionment. Murphy seems him as repurposable and is detrimental to him. 10k is in a life threatening condition. This was fascinating if not endlessly fascinating. Murphy is an undermining influence and 10k aka Thomas has unexpressed anger. Murphy does not deliver contentment. He’s completely wrong. There was bad acting. 10k has ill-disguised hatred for Murphy. The Man strikes and his accent changes. Lucy ages. This was goodish.

Best Lines:
“His blood won’t spray on anything nice.”

“Bad zombie. Bad.”

“You broke her.”

“Who’s gonna help us?”

Doc’s Angels
Citizen Z and his friend hang out. Where did Doc get a radio? Zombies are bedazzled. Doc meets 3 women in their redoubt. He has no wariness and is soon in massive trouble. A bitter confrontation looms in this den of forbidden deliciousness. There are aggressive events as Doc learns what type of people survive the apocalypse with unambiguous clarity. Nobody cares about 10k except Doc which is an alarming conclusion. Doc is in a house of ‘Hannibal’ like horror. This was good with some bad vfx.

Best Lines:
“The occasional rant from Murphy.”

“Troubled parental figure.”

“If I wanted to hurt you, I’d wait until you were asleep.”

“I wish you hadn’t seen that.”

“The hobby lobby of hell.”

“Run when you still have legs.”

The Lost
This has rotten acting and writing.

Best Line:
“The war begins again. Today.”
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