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Book Reviews: The Mammoth Book Of The Mummy, part 2 + Twilight

The Mammoth Book Of The Mummy edited by Paula Guran, part 2

The Emerald Scarab
Malign devices are afoot in ancient Egypt. Luckily a man of high moral tone and icy reputation is there to threaten reprisals. Good.

Best Lines:
“False as a harlot’s affection.”

"How lamentable for me!"

"Incarnate woe."

The Embalmer
A bizarre tale of creepy inherently children. No.

I’ve read this before. This is a new take on the Dynastic Race/natives trope. In a different world wilfully doleful scientists encounter a bog mummy. This has narrative momentum.

Best Line:
“The past is not as we expected it!”

Three Memories Of Death
A dull tale of ancient Egypt that falls apart logically.

Star Trek Deep Space Nine: Mission Gamma #1 Twilight by David R. George III
This 2002 novel in the ‘DS9’ relaunch sees the Defiant head off to explore the Gamma Quadrant. Kira broods, Vaughn bores, Prynn whines, Quark is contentious, Ezri is aggrieved and there is impending doom in this cumbersome tale. Selfish Shar seems to suffer from a mood disorder and goes on rage filled diatribes and undermines any sense of happiness. I’d no enthusiastic willingness to read this. This gives no idea how large and rich the ‘DS9’ world is. This is not spiritually enlivening, just pretentious and with a lack of complication. I feel total bafflement at how dull this is.
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