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Trailer, Quotes and Stuff

‘Apple Tree Yard’ promo

Houseguest leaves doors open, won’t wash up and plays music too loud. He is thankless, blares radios and makes more mess. And complains about being “overcrowded” and “solitary”. Houseguest leaves his shoes everywhere and doesn’t flush. He yells about newspapers and hob-rings. What a fecker - bitter, self righteous, off putting and woefully out of touch. He insults what we eat and DELIBERTELY makes a mess in the kitchen. The insufficiently grateful houseguest smells and has no gratitude.

Anyone see ‘Wonder Boys’ (1995)? Or ‘Every Which Way But Loose’ (1978)? Or ‘The Naked Civil Servant’ (1975)? Or ‘40 Days and 40 Nights’ (2002)? Or ‘Mr Deeds’ (2002)?

The Bodyguard’ (1992) was okay.

I may review ‘The Rover’ and the new ‘MacGyver’.

‘Dynasty’ is to be rebooted?

‘Her Husband’s Lover’ Quotes:
“Sympathy is your friend.”

“Found bludgeoned to death in a wood at the back of the martial home she refused to leave.”

“Designed to keep her away from them.”

“Men who have issues with misbehaving women.”

“I’ve just about had enough.”

“Too much heroin and not enough teeth.”

“Why has her life turned out like this?”

‘The Sunday Business Post’ Quotes:
“A determined recluse.”

“Much to the inconvenience of social life.”

“Horsey society.”

“The last twilight glimmer of a vanished world.”

“The good news stopped there.”

“Made a chilling prediction.”

“Nostalgia is a more powerful narcotic.”

“I won’t debate fact.”

“People just don’t care about each other any more.”

“Brought her so little joy.”

‘The Sunday Telegraph’ Quotes:
“Post-hostilities planning.”

“Consumptive, dying, pale poet.”

‘The Simpsons’ Quotes:
“Glitter recycling fee.”

“ATM with giant service charge.”

“Drunks are being rolled off the field.”

“Overfogged the run in!”

“Our robot masters.”

“That’s loser talk.”

“Given up on life.”

‘The Irish Times’ Quotes:
“Occasionally flung in his direction.”

“Such actors outgrow their good looks and end up playing Ruritanian pretenders in US soap operas.”

“Unprecedented gun feuding.”

‘The Guardian’ Quotes:
“Frequent fights in the streets.”

“Inquiry and discourse.”

“Little or no middle classes.”

“Being deprived of eroticism and even basic attention can render us vulnerable to making tragic mistakes.”

“Would not put up with being lectured.”

“Very dubious.”

“Nobody would listen to what I said.”

“Needed to stop overreacting.”

“Collective condemnation.”

‘Dr Phil’ Quotes:
“From leader to target.”

“Faced tough questions.”

“Where do you draw the line on relevance?”

“Irritated them.”

“Came up with a different narrative.”

“Dirtying me up.”

“Horrific lies.”

“Nefarious feel to it.”

“Test their sincerity.”

“Social faux-pas.”

“Gay motorcycle gangs.”

On ‘Neighbours’: Drab rages. Piper and Tyler are stupid. The new brothers are naff. Sonia hates obviously fake Dee. Mark sticks his nose in. Steph cheats. Toadfish is tempted.

Best Line:
“A baby you asked Sonia not to have.”

On ‘Hollyoaks’: Cameron is gone from the opening credits. Ryan leaves thanks to Ste being a ghastly liar. Goldie’s baby daddy shows up to menace Joel and get poisoned by Sienna. Why is Sienna living with the McQueens? This was not morally complex just senselessness. Eva was pregnant? Liam is thick. Esther has frustrations. Ste is awful. Ryan heads off to Canada with his 1 bag of clothes.

Best Lines:
“Raided my piggy bank to buy weed.”

“My whole life on post-it’s!”

“He’s finally come home.”
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