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Book Reviews: This Gray Spirit +Lesser Evil +Time After Time+ The Mammoth Book Of The Mummy part 1

Star Trek Deep Space Nine: Mission Gamma #2 This Gray Spirit by Heather Jarman
The Cardassians and Bajorans have issues, Kira broods, Shar and Thriss‘ selfishness leads to tragedy and despite their claims they are not victims of anything. Nobody has quiet dignity and it is particularly regrettable that this ailing novel was lubriciously mired in witless plots. This 2002 novel had no compelling central narrative and was an oleaginous disgrace.

Best Line:
“Cast aspersions on his choices.”

Star Trek Deep Space Nine: Mission Gamma #4 Lesser Evil by Robert Simpson
This 2002 novel in the ‘DS9’ relaunch was unnecessary. Prynn whines, Kira whines, evil parasites make encroachment, the Borg show up, Bajor has deep trauma and Trill is distrusted. This had no social significance. There are more arbitrary Vaughn flashbacks and the glaring truism is that he and this book are not indispensable. This was dismal.

Time After Time by Molly Keane

The Mammoth Book Of The Mummy edited by Paula Guran, part 1

Private Grave 9
The narrator is dourness personified. This is stupid and not emotionally disturbing.

The Good Shabti
Set in ancient Egypt and the near future. This is a vicious commentary on the quest for resurrection and inchoate rage. This is an okay nihilist critique.

Egyptian Revival
1950s noir tale that sees a female PI unwittingly get caught up in Egyptian magic. A good tale of driving will, expectations, unrealistic hopes, the harbouring of justified suspicions and the terrible consequential changes thereof.

Best Line:
“Became deceased in a very bad way.”

The Queen In Yellow
By Kage Baker. A ‘The Company’ story. Various foolhardy types run around a dig with no concept of surreptitiousness. There are differing perspectives on the past, foolishness , misuse of artefacts, middle aged bleating, spiritual bankruptcy, Schopenhauerian pessimism, spiritual ruin, existential malaise and grandstanding. While not incredibly poignant, this was okay if frivolous.

Best Line:
“A little shiver of warning.”

On Skua Island
A very good tale of an expedition on a course of oblivion. A group conduct an excavation on a remote island. Bad things happen. This is a tale of dread, suspense and psychological threat that is profoundly disturbing.”

Ramesses On The Frontier
A tale of a mummy and the afterlife. This was superfluous.

The Shaddowwes Box
A man plans vengeance on those who transgressed against him and who he has opprobrium for. His steadfast commitment leads to an inherently dark ending.

Egyptian Avenue
By Kim Newman. Mysterious goings on in a graveyard lead to the reveal of a spirit crushing unfulfillable quest that has degrading neurotic repetition through the generations. This is a good tale of gravely wrong things.

The Curious Case Of The Werewolf That Wasn’t, The Mummy That Was, And The Cat In The Jar
Dispiriting and fatuous.

The Night Comes On
A con man causes indignation when he claims to have made a fortuitous find. What he has found is remorseless. This was okay and chilling.

American Mummy
A man who lacks trustworthiness kills his wife. She’s very and unduly sensitive to that and expresses her discontent. This was dull.

Elvis and JFK fight a mummy loose in an old folk’s home. This is made cohesively plausible yet wilfully odd by the ridicule proof conviction, self development, narrative momentum and misused moral core. This was a good, cheap pleasure that was done with dramatically satisfying deranged gusto.

Best Lines:
“Dark and awful forever.”

“Oh, that sounds trustworthy.”

Fruit Of The Tomb: A Midnight Louie Past Life Adventure
A cat uses his moral authority to solve a crime in ancient Egypt. This was not bad but does not create any great enthusiasm either. This was sheer vacuity.

The Chapter Of Coming Forth By Night
An antiquarian faces off with a rapacious looter. This was not searingly authentic and has no prick of dread. It takes desperate perseverance to get through this vacantly stupid slightness.

Best Line:
“Thievish grin.”

The Mummy’s Heart
By Norman Partridge. I’ve read this before. This tale of a man who becomes a mummy and the affect it has on others is unqualified good.
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