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Z Nation 3x08 Reviewed + Bull (2016 - ?) 1x03 Reviewed

Welcome To Murphytown
There are no Mike Leigh levels of stark realism here. The Man flaunts bad behaviour cos he is a blustering hard nut. Sun Mei doesn’t do anything. Murphy is Jim Jones and he incinerates his reputation. This was not alluringly inventive or emotionally complex. Everyone is tired of Murphy’s miserable aggression. 10k and Doc are desperately sad. Nobody has warmth and cordiality. This had no lyric qualities or insight. Addy is boring. Murphy is not in the gutter of shame. This was good if not mentally demanding. Murphy’s lie dream goes on as do invidious goings on.

10k is fretful and plaintive. There are prevailing anxieties and acrimony and latent disrespect. The tedious rut that made viewers fall into despair has passed. Murphy’s no future philosophy goes on. He’s completely unrepentant. Nobody makes reasonable or rational decisions. Nobody but Doc cares about 10k. What is going on in Zona?

Best Line:
“You’ll be on latrine duty.”

“There is no alternative.”

A pastiche on ‘Serial’ which sees a podcast get a woman tried for murder. This show, its concept and the writing is silly. Everyone is smug and nothing makes sense.
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