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Amerika (1987) part 3 + Z Nation 3x04-3x07 + Timeless 1x07 + Gotham 2x18 Reviewed

Amerika (1987) part 3
Devin’s dad hates him, treats him like a leper and calls him a traitor. This is overblown theatrics and people speak in judgement laden overtones. People must show their worthiness to the occupation. Denisov speechifies about the recalcitrant remnants of society. People do diatribes. What did Devin do? This was not intellectually challenging or full of complex topics. Mariel sings and worries about being inevitably derided as a whore. Teens party and dance to forbidden music. The USA was sapped by materialism and apathy before the USSR invaded. A riot breaks out.

Denisov sneers at the teen rebellion/riot. This is not historical metaphor. This is a fascinatingly unfamiliar world. Peter tries to make the best of unfavourable circumstances. There is not enough credibility or cutting insight offered. Denisov has biting reproof for everything. Jackie has moral outrage. This was murky looking and there is no emotional response just bad acting and no moral reasoning.

This has no enduring relevance. What was the inciting incident for the occupation? Something happened in 88. Denisov has intelligence and depth. This was not engrossing but is not as cheesy as ‘V’. There is no credibility to the premise and its ideological bust up. Peter’s wife radiates anxiety. One can see why this was poorly received. Devin broods and chords blare.

80s perms on legs screech. Devin maintains an icy silence. The squatters and Peter’s wife face off. Devin’s clan yell at each other. No one commiserates with him. The prevailing narrative is to belittle reasonable complaint. Alethea prostitutes herself and whines and is berated for it. Devin’s dad blames for the occupation and unleashes a vitriolic rant. How was it all Devin’s fault? There is a refusal to face up to responsibilities. This was not as good as parts 1&2.

Devin’s evil ex screams and makes disparaging comments. Devin rants, Mariel is apolitical and Denisov has no consoling notions. This was talky and Jackie wears ugly pastel clothing. Her boyfriend whines. Jackie gets into the dance company thanks to Peter. This was not light or breezy. Denisov gets his shirt off so this wasn't a total loss.

Best Lines:
“24 and a half miles away from here.”

“Tell them what to advise.”

“The amazing success of our occupation.”

“Very cynical to be in the KGB.”

“What does he touch in you?”

“Doesn’t make me feel safe.”

“Sound disappointed that you succeeded.”

“Lost your country before we ever got here.”

“Boozing and whoring.”

“Good hard work on the farm.”

“Don’t count on much from him.”

“Get relief food and clothes.”

“Burning old money.”

“Protect my own first.”

“Mourning our past.”

“We’re clinging to our last 50 acres.”

Murphy’s Miracle
Murphy creates blends and he stole all the medical equipment and is forming a cult of the human/zombie blends. The Seattle space needle has fallen over. Murphy encounters more survivors, his dictatorial behaviour and long dreaded turn to the dark side makes him an enemy of choice. How do they have petrol? Murphy is morally repugnant. There are no thoughtful gestures. They meet a crazy mailman.

Citizen Z aka Simon hangs out with Innuits. 10k is Murphy’s brainwashed slave. The totality of his isolation and despondence is sad. Murphy plans a transformative action. It is convincing and unambiguous that Murphy is the big bad. Addy whines and bitches. There is an obvious twist about the mailman. This was okay. 10k is Murphy’s cabana boy and the creepy position of his bite mark is really creepy.

Best Lines:
“Have to be an idiot to be killed by them.”

“What’s this?”

“Any sexual contact with the undead?”

“I hated these people.”

Escorpion And The Red Hand
The Red Hand Gang rampage. Are ant people a thing? Nobody takes umbrage at 10k being enslaved by Murphy. Murphy has a dark heart and does inevitably terrible things. He’s completely terrible and makes shameful decisions. There is reductive thinking and a fight. It is hard to discern motives. There is no moral crisis just hideous idiocy.

This does not beguile. 10k gets a look of defiance. The subplot of Addy’s tooth is the least anticipated part of this ep. This was not singularly significant. Dr Merch kills herself. There is bad acting. Murphy is an ass without compunction. Poor 10k. Nothing is ever Murphy’s fault. No to this classless and witless ep.

Best Lines:
“What happened here?”

“She gets what she gave.”

“Everybody after him!”

Little Red and The Wolfz
The hateful and mean spirited Murphy rants at the dead Dr Merch and does absolutely wrong things. He has villainous shenanigans and 10k runs. There is mumbling and 10k is menaced. This was tedious and convoluted. There is no camp joy in this. Red and 5k show up. This was ineffective.

Doc Flew Over The Cuckoo’s Nest
Doc is abducted into a loony bin. An inmate is called Winona. 10k is crazed. This is well intentioned. Doc has remarkable composure. 10k is uncomfortably quiet. Nobody acts like dealing with zombies is an urgent necessity. 10k and everyone else’s symptoms are different from what happened to Cassandra. This was okay. After some spurious eps, this season improves.

Best Lines:
“Hit him again. Harder.”

“Remember last time.”

“A mess beyond hope.”

“That’s the big deal.”

They’re in 1754. Wyatt is an arse. The time machine is broken. Wyatt sulks. There is a zika mention. Rufus gets some. Flynn is not in this. This was dull.

Best Lines:
“And you know, smallpox.”

“We die violently.”

“I’m Doctor Quinn.”

“We don’t have time for ready.”

Alfred and Bruce bore. Gordon bores. Strange and cum goblin Barbara bore. One feels indifference. There is nothing fresh or insightful here. The plots bears little scrutiny. Barbara is rejected. Mr Freeze is very angry and his suit is stupid. Theo is brought back from the dead as Azrael. This was erroneous.

Best Lines:
“It’s what I do now.”

"I'm not feeling that."

"I can't forgive that. I won't."
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