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Book Review: A Study In Charlotte

A Study In Charlotte by Brittany Cavallaro
This is book 1 of the ‘Charlotte Holmes’ trilogy. James Watson ends up at boarding school with Charlotte Holmes. They have famous ancestors and are fated to get together. Dark deeds are afoot in their vicinity. Charlotte has no conviviality just innumerable issues. Past deeds have the furthest reaching possible consequences. This much vaunted novel lives up to the stratospheric expectations.

James wants to be friends; Charlotte does not act in ways that are reasonable, necessary or proportionate. This was excellent, with an unseen baddie and the reveal that it was kicked off over a trivial dispute. Charlotte has eagerness to be awful and is full of anger and outrage and one could view her as the true baddie of the novel if you view it in a certain way.

Best Lines:
“In a voice I think he thought was threatening.”

“Doesn’t believe in friends.”

“I was horrible until you went away.”
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