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Apple Tree Yard (2017) 1x01 + Class (2016) 1x06 + Z Nation 3x01-3x03 Reviewed

Apple Tree Yard (2017) 1x01
Ben Chaplin stars in this drama. A 50 year old woman starts an affair with a man she knows nothing about. This leads somehow to her being in the dock for murder. I haven’t read the book; I skimmed it in a shop once and wasn’t impressed. This was unimaginably silly and leaves one unamused.

Yvonne shags X (Chaplin) and his suave malignity heedless of ramifications. This was gravely defective cos she has no core motivation or nervous reluctance. Her lover is married and botoxed. Her husband is boring. There is mumbling and she ravenously latches on to him. Neither have moral obligations or chemistry. This was inefficient, she complains vociferously and this is not without consequences.

This has disappointed certainty. This causes total lack of interest. She’s wilfully unapologetic and grimly despairing. A drunken woman follows her husband. This was calamitous and not emotionally torrid and has no seismic consequences. Nobody is gracious or dignified. This was portentous, nobody has tender affection. Yvonne is sullen and seethes with scorn. I have a low opinion of this. Yvonne is actively hostile and has resentment toward her Corbyn lookalike husband and children. She’s self deluding and what is her incentive?

This is not jagged or disturbing. This does not challenge, unsettle or disturb. This has no mesmerising complexity. It’s boring and is truly terrible and this is all clichéd tedium. The husband has a frankly absurd flirtation with the drunk. Nobody has noble motives. Yvonne is unrepentant and is not a dark delight. This was all flashy idiocy that is downright objectionable and inherently stupid. Yvonne is cold and continually disparaging. This was not a compelling portrait of a morose woman. This has contempt for comprehensibility and narrative fluency. This has no magnetic brilliance. How does X meet her emotional needs? This ends on a bizarre and distasteful twist. I’m done. No.

Best Lines:
“Corn with udders.”

“Won’t ask or notice.”

This latest ‘Doctor Who’ spinoff is terrible. The chavs are trapped in detention and yell a lot as not nice things happen.

Best Lines:
“Agony followed by death.”

“You airbag!”

No Mercy
A flashback movie? Why? The gang encounter dead meat characters and a rep from Zona. There are deaths, crows and this was boring and made no sense.

A New Mission
Military types from Asia show up. Murphy heads off with his enslaved followers including 10k. Murphy is a jerk as he goes dark messiah. Citizen Z is alive. A ball of hungry zombies rolls down the street. The Asian alliance wants a cure. Enders are brain fried humans and they attack. Things goes awry. This bored.

Best Lines:
“Face the future.”

“Nothing left to send.”

“We get the friends we deserve.”

“This is our last hope.”

“There’s a reckoning coming.”
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