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Trailers, Quotes and Stuff

‘Star Wars: The Clone Wars’ 3x17 clip
In this cartoon, Anakin gets a vision of his hideous existence to come. This was badly animated, silly and badly done.

Best Lines:
“I have to stop you.”
“Must you?”

“Knows what you will become.”

“I will do such terrible things?”

‘Kong: Skull Island’ TV spot
Looks good.

Best Line:
“I am the cavalry.”

‘Kong: Skull Island’ TV spot #2
Kong bashes a dino with a stick. There are chains and yes.

Best Line:
“Who or what am I tracking?”

‘Kong: Skull Island’ TV spot #3
This looks impressive and is that a squid. The humans sow discord with their intrusiveness.

Best Line:
“We don’t belong here.”

‘Kong: Skull Island’ TV spot #4
Ships and planes have gone missing. This looks enticing.

Best Line:
“They were trying to kill something.”

‘Ronnie O’Sullivan’s American Hustle’ promo

‘Generation F’d’ promo

‘Patriots Day’ promo

‘Hidden Figures’ promo

‘Despicable Me 3’ promo

‘Apple Tree Yard’ 1x02 promo
Go away.

‘The Lego Batman Movie’ TV spot

‘Loving’ TV spot

‘Z Nation’ season 3 promo

‘Sleepless’ promo

RIP Gordon Kaye.

The 1944 ‘Gaslight’ wasn’t that good. The 1990 ‘The Two Jakes’ was also not good. The 1979 ‘The Warriors’ was good and the 1951 ‘The Desert Fox’ was okay.

Ostalgie - improbable nostalgia for a dreadful past.

Anyone see the 1994 ‘Camp Nowhere’ or the 1998 ‘Love Is The Devil’?

What is bunt cake?

Houseguest drank the wine we were saving for someone’s (late) Christmas gift. He whines about his “Own knowledge” and how he is “sensitive” and how he told his long dead father to “Stop intimidating” him. He lies in bed, whines and drinks excessively. He doesn’t help tidy and whines non-stop. He interfered with dishwasher, cut himself with tinfoil, whined about the events of 1980 which are a self-deluding constant source of regret and remorse. Bought more booze and got actively distressed by a changed Sunday paper. He has no resilience just suspiciously bad people skills. Pitiful.

I’d try warm bacon mayo.

I won’t review ‘Riverdale’.

‘The Guardian’ Quotes:
“Personal experience of conspiracy against us.”

“Reduced to parenting via Skype.”

“Arms race of perfection.”

“Cod intimacy.”

“Your moods.”

“Hope that someone, somewhere cares.”

“Think the world needs to shape itself around them, and who confuse their interests with their sense of self, who are incapable of accepting that people have different taste.”

“Disturbingly cold trend.”

“Envy masquerading as ambition.”

“Noble sentiment.”

“Struggling to see the good you bring.”

“No real connection.”

“We didn’t do anything real.”

“Clan cohesion.”

“Her story was full of bad things.”

“A hostile study.”


“Doesn’t have time to read.”

“Hasn’t made a decent movie since Bottle Rocket - and come to that, neither have you.”

“Destined for this fate.”

“Staring disapprovingly”

“Will turn wild and bring shame on you.”

“As limited as they have ever been.”

“Real sense of anguish.”

“Stop being afraid of what society will say.”

“It means ours, as opposed to anyone else’s.”

“Former deadly foe.”

“Fulsome tribute.”

“Sowed evil seeds.”

‘The Sunday Business Post’ Quotes:
“Abuse the audience’s attention span.”

“I felt rejected by my country.”

“A skinny, angry guy shouting about nothing.”

“Looks slightly horrified.”

‘The Sunday Times’ Quotes:
“Your dreams are valid.”

“Looks surprisingly useless.”

“How beneath her she though the Kennedy family was.”

“Culture should be born of reaction.”

“Housewives’ psychosis.”

“Male distaste.”

“His great-great-grandfather on his dad’s side invented the digestive biscuit.”

‘The Simpsons’ Quotes:
“Thwarted by a shirt.”

“No ethnic foods in microwave.”

“Can’t afford toothpaste.”

“Unapproved street furniture.”

“Looking unusually thoughtful and silent.”

‘Sky News’ Quote:
“Shameful and wrong.”

‘Dr Phil’ Quotes:
“That did not go over real well.”

“Not proud of her at all.”

“Didn’t like it at all.”

“Weird looks all the time.”

“People are not accepting.”

‘RTE News’ Quotes:
“Alternative facts.”

“Action points.”

“Listening session.”

‘TV Now’ Quote:
“Counterfactual to the point of being irrelevant.”

On ‘Hollyoaks’: TPTB ruin Mac, Lisa and Cameron some more. While letting Ste, Cleo, Nathan and Leela away with their crap.

On ‘Neighbours’: Toadie’s not dead wife Dee Bliss shows up with a truly ludicrous tale of survival. It beats out Harold getting amnesia and joining the Salvation Army. Susan sticks her nose in unbidden. Sonia runs off. Toadie doesn’t notice as he drools over Dee and does Sonia another great disservice. He is not conscientious. Steph looks dirty. Toadie has no grave misgivings over Dee faking her sad exit. Isn’t he still legally married to her? Dee and her brittle resolve is unlikely to help matters. Steph and Dee were friends? Karl sticks his nose in. There is scant sentimentality. What is the emotional protocol when your not dead wife shows up? Mark sticks his nose in. Nobody has core standards of conduct or moral courage.

Best Line:
“A fraudulent existence.”
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