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Trailers, Quotes and Stuff

‘House of Cards’ season 5 promo

‘Blade Runner 2049’ promo

‘Red Rock’ promo

‘To Die For’ (1995) promo
When Nicole Kidman made films you wanted to see.

‘xXx’ (2002) promo

‘Paycheck’ (2003) promo

‘Hostel’ (2005) promo

‘The Prince Of Tides’ (1991) promo

‘Twin Town’ promo

‘The Blacklist’ promo

Hot buttered toast - yum.
Yellow plums - nice.
Chocolate orange death doughnut - yum.
Gluten free chocolate chip shortbread rounds - okay.
Rhubarb & custard candy - okay.

I won’t read ‘Carve The Mark’.

RIP Miguel Ferrer.

I will review ‘The Feast Of All Souls’, ‘The Mammoth Book Of The Mummy’ and ‘Warlock Holmes: A Study In Brimstone’.

Houseguest screamed about his man pain at 1 in the morning and then festered in bed. Nobody cares about his disgusting scene. Then he demanded support. House guest was apparently “very upset” and “near tears” but somehow that doesn’t stop him from going out to buy alcohol, drinking it and making a mess. He also declared that his partner of 30 plus years is not the one and wails about having no money and being alone. He whines about being made to go to his sister’s wedding in 1981 which was full of people he had nothing in common with. Pathetic.

No ‘American Crime Story’ until 2018? And they’re doing Lewinsky?

Wanna see ‘Oliver & Company’.

I wanna see ‘Petals On The Wind’.

Anyone see the 1996 ‘Bed of Roses’?

James Frain is to play Sarek in ‘Star Trek: Discovery’.

Faye Dunaway was in ‘The Bye Bye Man’. I thought it was her but couldn’t be sure.

Heard a Richard Armitage rumour.

Recall when Rage Against The Machine were described as proudly leftist and the most dangerous band in America?

White lemuroid ringtail possums are cute.

‘Warlock Holmes: A Study In Brimstone’ Quote:
“Really, Holmes, the quality of people you associate with leaves much to be desired.”

‘The Irish Times:
“Historically disproportionate.”

“A dirty person.”

“Huge anger issues.”

“Questions were a threat.”

“Presumed missed.”

“This led to the route being lined with dead pigeons.”

“Had to escape out a window.”

“Inching her out the door.”

“If you stop you won’t regret it.”

“Followed his ascension to power with a six-week hunting holiday.”

“Wall of meat.”

“Wasting her life helping people.”

“Show me how I can become this person.”

“Defensive posturing.”

“Shamefully treated as actions deserving of reprimand and punishment.”


“Calculated theatre.”

“Ideology of betrayal.”

“Non-cooperative with process.”

“Geography is a problem.”

“A fight ensued on the street.”

“Backwoods social values.”

“This place gets mad.”

“Felt threatened and shocked.”

‘The Guardian’ Quotes:
“Meant making some uncomfortable choices.”

“Despair is no excuse for inaction.”

“Within one generation.”

“Complete nest failure.”

“Unique evolutionary unit.”

“Snow dens.”

“Bleaching-level thermal stress.”

“Their interrogation technique involves asking someone a question and, as soon as they surmise they are lying, saying thank you and walking off.”

“Punished with their removal.”

“Epidemics can ruin societies.”

“The crap that we went through - we didn’t want any more of it.”

“Vindicate her reputation.”

“Provided security in return for free beer.”

“The latest instalment in some never ending space saga fans feel duty bound to see.”


“Portal to nostalgia.”

“Refuse airtime to the trappings of life today.”

“Unwanted resonance.”

“Its own historical importance.”

“What is this, eastern Europe in the early 90s?”

3 News’ Quote:
“Hush. Go home.”

‘The Simpsons’ Quotes:
“This marriage is rotting with the stench of death.”

“Stinking like a trashcan in a dog park.”

‘Channel 4 News’ Quotes:
“8 of these things.”

“Forgotten land of Americans crushed by layers of sadness.”

“That’s what they want to live in.”

“The other America.”

‘Sky News’ Quotes:
“Lamely give up as we go over a cliff.”

“Not going to forgive them.”

“Required display of civility.”

‘Blood On My Hands’ Quotes:
“Slaps, punches, then all-out fistfights.”

“People around town began to avoid us.”

‘Dr Phil’ Quotes:
“Get off the Dew.”

“Overdependent on her.”

“Constantly needs your attention.”

“Purposely pushing me out of the picture.”

“No access to joy.”

“Generational legacy.”

‘FTWeekend’ Quotes:
“People are closed off in their homes. They don’t come out.”

“Dangerous mistakes.”

“Deliberate denigration of fact.”

“Lost any claim to trust or respect.”

“Walks with a wheeled robot on a leash.”

“Came to despise her Windsor-wife ensembles.”

“Eating his own emotional vomit.”

“Dares us to object.”

“Fragility of social existence.”

On ‘Neighbours’: who is the father of Paige’s baby? Drab is shocked by his slutty love child. Paige scene steals, Xanthe whines and nobody has clear eyed perception. Drab thinks Tyler is the father of Paige’s bastard child. Lauren whines. Tyler walks around in his latest foul t-shirt with the sleeves ripped off that show off his nipples and wonders why everyone thinks he is a joke. Tyler looks like Jason David Frank in 1996. Piper doubts Tyler and cries. I don’t care about their uncertain future. Paige sluts it up and is a bitch to Ned. Tyler lurks.

Drab and Lauren are thick. This show continues its slide to mediocrity. Everyone is trapped in a negative cycle. Nobody cares Piper and Tyler’s gnawing soul wrenching ‘love’. Is Jack the father? Or is Paige lying again? There is no level she will not go to. There is no reflective despair. Terese is fatter than ever. Drab forgets about Imogen. Gary bores. When did Mark ever worry about over-stepping? Toadie obsesses over not dead Dee. Then Dee shows up at the door. Sonia cries and Toadie wants a shag.

Best Line:
“Those shirtless Brennans.”

On ‘Hollyoaks’: why is ‘smart’ Cleo working in a pub? What about Mac beating James? Nancy’s MS is back. Ellie tantrums and acts crazy. She is all incomprehensibility. Louis is emotionally difficult. This show is a grave mistake. Lisa’s not gutted with remorse for screwing Mac. Nathan cheats with Cleo. Lisa has self righteous anger and is accusatory. Nathan has no self reproach. Illness is never far reaching. There is no grim seriousness. There is no escalating tension just consistently irritated people. This was unspeakably dreadful. Nancy rants. This was self parodic. Cameron plans to kill Leela for being a cheating whore.
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