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Book Review: Unity

Star Trek Deep Space Nine: Unity by S.D. Perry
This 2003 novel saw the ‘DS9’ relaunch come to a climax after ‘The Lives Of Dax’, ‘Avatar 1&2’, ‘Abyss’, ‘Demons of Air and Darkness’ and ‘Mission: Gamma 1-4’. It concluded certain storylines, saw Bajor join the Federation, saw returns and set up new storylines. But it is all disinteresting and the regrettable conclusion is this fateful novel marked the high point of the relaunch. It’s been downhill ever since. Kira broods, Vaughn and Prynn continue their endless difficult to resolve conflict, Ro and Quark bore and Shar is selfish.

It is 12 years since the ‘TNG’ ep ‘Conspiracy’. Now the mind-controlling bugs are back and this was a wasted storyline. Taran’atar lurks, another useless wasted storyline. Kira’s religious issues drag on. Keiko and O’Brien continue their apparent reluctance to be happy, Ezri is tolerable before her disconcerting personality change turned her into a misleading, false, deceptive tool. Nog and Jake are comically reductive. Bashir has moral sensibility. It is upsetting and frustrating to see how everyone garlands themselves with praise in this novel yet in later novels Bashir’s ‘friends and co-workers’ would treat him with distaste, culpable neglect and make incorrect conclusions about him.

This dull novel has no subtleties of reflection or organic anticipation or escalating tension. One feels despairing anger for the limitations TPTB put on the relaunch which they’ve made clear isn’t their prerogative. This was far from exemplary, it just disappointed. TPTB seem uninterested in the ‘DS9’ relaunch.

Best Lines:
“Containment was necessary at any cost.”

“Even after what’s happened, even now.”

“He was unnecessary.”

“Conspiracy equalled paranoia,”

“A lot of people knew about Curzon, and a lot of what they knew wasn’t exactly flattering.”

“Well past the possibility of salvation.”

“Stealing the future they had all imagined.”

“They didn’t seem all that fond of anyone else, either.”

“I assure you, Quark’s is vermin-free unless it’s on the menu.”

“My guilt is my own. She can’t have it.”
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