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Blindspot 2x10 + Bones 12x01 Reviewed

Nor I, Nigel, AKA Leg In Iron
There is a tattoo missing from Jane’s body. The shrink, Borden, is the Sandstorm mole and he bests Kurt in hand to hand combat and menaces Patterson. Jane gives the violent thug Roman magic amnesia. Patterson has been shot. Sandstorm insist their purpose is moral. This was gleefully ephemeral.

Even with amnesia, weirdbeard Roman annoys. Their foster mommy shrieks and Dr Borden bores. Patterson has vast sorrow and scorn. Borden has no peaceful intent. There are unintended consequences. Borden is purely opportunistic. This was not precisely observed and has a wilful refusal to make sense. Angry yells. Patterson faces a violation of trust and a discomfiting situation. There is no wonderful ferocity. Nobody is morally justified. I think I’m done with this show. What is up with Kurt?

Roman is a waste of perfectly good oxygen. Nobody sounds contrite. There is reckless disregard and bad angry feelings. There is also bad acting, hostile enemies, aggressive natures, baffled stares and unexploded reservoirs of resentment. This was egregious and languishes. This was worthless and has no real world settings or concerns. This had unsubtle political statements and obligatory narcissism. There are no dramatic possibilities and maximum tension is not wrung. This show is increasingly preposterous.

People are deeply unhelpful and they have arrogance and self interest and deliberate hostility. This does not engage its own era. There is no escalating tension. The plot is beyond rational explanation. Patterson has vague irritation as her prettified illusions break. Borden hid his seething hatred and disunion well. This was not emotionally engaging and was not a lurid adventure. Kurt is not a competent man. This was a ghastly failure that is incoherent, hilarious and ridiculous. This does not cover important moral issues, motives or purposes. I’m done with this show. Also Borden wasn’t even his real name and the FBI never noticed.

Best Lines:
“Rough draft Jane.”

“Very not promising.”

“The book code.”

“He’s still crucial to the endgame.”

“What this is all for.”

“Are you slow or something?”

“Sense of region.”

“Creeper name.”

“He didn’t even go to a very good medical school.”

The Hope In The Horror
Bones and Booth hunt a serial killer. Booth menaces people and Bones is abducted by a fat angry Zack who lurks in the shadows like Brando in ‘Apocalypse Now’. This was goofy ridiculousness that does not disconcert. They stopped visiting Zack years ago and he has unloved status. He’s escaped the asylum but is not utterly terrifying. This show is not much at home to subtlety. Booth rants in non morally nuanced fashion.

Beardy dude is still in a wheelchair. There is mumbling, no sense of theatre and drama and people act like Zack is their greatest dread. There is no narrative sanity and Zack has an unsettled state of mind. Booth has poisonous brutality. There is no moral quandary as Booth has sledgehammer vehemence. Sara Rue of ‘Popular’ shows up. People act paranoically. This was ineffective. Zack has ulterior motives. Booth is an ass.

This was not quietly nightmarish. Zack has savage candour. Booth and Bones have 2 kids? Zack has omnipotent powers. Sara Rue has lost a lot of weight and all her acting skills. Zack has no signals of goodwill. Nothing particularly optimistic happens. People are unreasonable. This was ludicrous and has no moral arguments. Booth has exhausted derision. There is no master narrative. This was undistinguished and godawful. Zack appeals his case.

Best Lines:
“Innocent people don’t escape from sanatoriums.”

“In a non-adversarial climate.”

“Please stop following me.”

“Being perceived as a murderous cannibal.”

“Communicating with someone of lesser intellect is difficult for me.”
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