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Book Review: The Lancelot Murders

The Lancelot Murders by J.M.C Blair

The 2nd in a series of Arthurian murder mysteries. This depiction of Arthurian myth is somewhat different from the usual. Arthur is a drunk, Merlin has no magic, Guenevere is a duplicitous slut and Lancelot is a smug snake. Anyway Arthur and Merlin are horrified when they learn that Guenevere who has been flaunting her adultery with Lancelot, has married her Knight in a bigamous ceremony. Even worse the couple are now presenting themselves as the rightful rulers of England.

Merlin has to put a stop to their plans while Arthur gets drunk. Meanwhile threats from France, the Byzantine Empire and the emerging Christian religion also shake England. Merlin ends up having to defend Lancelot on charges of murder and stop Guenevere's plotting. This was a good read and an interesting take on the myths. Still having the characters speak with modern day slang and idioms was extremely jarring.
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