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Amerika (1987) part 2 + Timeless 1x06 + Tina & Bobby (2017) 1x01 + Gotham 2x17 Reviewed

Amerika (1987) part 2
This was okay if awfully slow and it doesn’t build to a satisfying climax. Devin’s evil ex cosies up to Denisov. Why didn’t they just kill Devin? People are badly dressed. Devin is restricted to 25 miles around his father's home. Devin’s ex is over-dressed and has disregard. Was Seattle nuked? The Soviets are somehow SJWs. The Americans have been brought low. Devin and his ex have 2 surly sons.

This has no serious renown. The ex has accepted her choices in life and is a magistrate. There are no rather menacing concepts.
The sons are jerks. How did the Yanks lose so badly? Devin lurks disconsolately and has disregard. The farmers have quotas. There is a mention of a special service unit. There is a mention of Hamilton. There is unrest in the USSR and American labourers are sent to the USSR to work in factories. Alaska was never pacified. The US has no army. People are unable to look clearly at themselves and draw the consequences.

Denisov has a sense of possibility. The USA is to be broken up into separate countries. There is still a POTUS and Congress. What is the American Unity Party? This would never have come to fruition. Jackie does ballet at a try-out or rather her body double does ‘ballet’. The SSR forced ballet on the USA during the Transition, they dislike modern dance. They want re-engagement with traditional values. That was hilarious. Jackie loses out on a chance. People use corn gas and have a curfew. There are complexities as some capitulate. People yell and Hollywood is still around. Mariel learns that even Denisov has to answer to someone.

Peter and Devin were friends and were in Vietnam together. There is turmoil and pain. Denisov has plans for Peter. Mariel and her actor pals whine. Mariel is called a whore. Denisov has an old videotape of Devin’s political rantings. Mariel works for outlaw theatres. Who are Denisov’s superiors? Self-absorbed sellouts rant. This was oddly compelling despite its myriad flaws. Nobody is a very nice person deep down. Denisov sounds appalled by various notions. Jackie is accused of an un-authorised meeting.

People have bad 80s perms. Devin’s family were big shots but not anymore. A deranged principle is unswerving in his allegiance to being an ass. His name is Herbert. Hah. Devin goes to live with his father. I’m sure he’ll be soon fomenting dissent with idle thoughts.

Best Lines:
“It wasn’t a mental hospital after all. It was a prison camp in southwest Texas.”

“Feelings of revenge.”

“Internal exile.”

“More belligerent associates.”

“Old people had to die.”

“Some prole hanging around watching me.”

“Ran for president in 1998.”

“Real clean. A real good thing for you.”

“Exiles went on a rampage.”

“They won’t march.”

“Anti-socialist attitudes.”

“Looks like a peaceful country to me.”

“Demanding America be neutralised. Immediately.”

“American ghosts.”

“He’s no source of pride.”

“You’re so subtle.”

“A nuclear death.”

“Undisciplined gyrations.”

“None of this is fair.”

“Co-operation is more important than talent.”

“Responsibility for moral choice.”

“He’s not particularly imaginative or ambitious.”

“Calling a walkout.”

“Told your secretary you needed sex.”

“They may yet do it.”

“Former elitist family.”

“Questionable loyalty and character.”

“Subject to being shot on sight.”

The Watergate Tape
Rufus and Lucy and Wyatt are kidnapped by Flynn. Mason and Rufus are menaced by Rittenhouse. Flynn has the missing Watergate tape. He grandstands. Wyatt and Rufus have a huge lack of knowledge. Rufus whines, Flynn has grim satisfaction and WTF was in Lucy’s journal? Wyatt incites dislike. There is no ecstatic reception for this. Flynn has clear eyed perception and wicked fun.

Rufus is a tool and long standing negative effects are created by Rufus’ propensity for betrayal. While in the Nixon era, Rufus uses the cover name of Kayne. Who killed Wyatt’s wife? Lucy learns more about Rittenhouse and the real reason for the Watergate break-in. Rittenhouse has existed since 1778. Rufus is a tool. Lucy learns Rufus is a liar. Wyatt whines about trust. Oh shut up. Rittenhouse aren’t scary just stupid. Flynn broods and cover songs play. Lucy meets her obviously evil father. Flynn drops exposition. This BORED.

Best Lines:
“Sounds made up.”

“We beat you into a coma Kayne.”

“Never came home that night. Or any night.”

“Really sorry about that.”

“Why does Flynn do anything he does?”

“Some creepy sociopath.”

“His latest ambition.”

“Kinda went through a militant phase back in college.”

Tina & Bobby (2017) 1x01
A biography of the 1966 World Cup footballer and his wife. Tina is played by a tabloid fav best known for her failing marriage to a ‘TOWIE’ loser. Tina’s mother is played by Patsy Kensit. This recreates the past and the sexism. Bobby gets cancer and then heads off to the world cup. This was okay.

Best Lines:
“Larger than average girth.”

“Don’t get dramatic.”

Into The Woods
Barnes, Selina and Bruce bore. Oswald’s stepmother and stepsiblings ill-treat his sad ass after the funeral. Gordon runs. Nygma babbles madly. Alfred whines. Strange plots. Oswald feeds his stepmother her children. This was dire.

Best Lines:
“Where you sleep?”

“Rich people have great water pressure.”

“I’m not looking for a good reputation.”
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