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Book Reviews: Night Of The Damned + Right To Know

Night Of The Damned by Stephen Bywater
From the author of the okay ‘The Devil’s Ark’ comes this mess of a novel. In 1930s Brazil, a rubber plantation has toxic management, false notions, disproportionate numbers of deaths and no moral life or caring values. This does not incentivise one to care. It is boring and an unsatisfactory and rather ghastly. I don’t care about the characters sublime anguish, carefully calibrated mistreatment, ethical anxieties or the consequences of their own misguided decisions.

This was consciously crass, inauthentic and had no insight. The plot is not always driven by logic and this was irreducibly terrible, utterly catastrophic and an abject flailing noxious mess. This was not daringly provocative and I hated, hated, hated this book and its creepy sexual politics.

Best Lines:
“His fate is being fixed three thousand miles away.”

“His antics were tolerated.”

“My reputation clouds every opinion.”

Right To Know by Edward Willett
This unreadable self published pap is set on a multi-generational colony ship. It’s a highly volatile situation on the ship and vague insinuations are made about the true motives of the fanatical Crew. This was unfalteringly bad and I felt nothing but distain for it.
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