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Sherlock 4x03 + The Americans 4x13 Reviewed

The Final Problem
Eurus and Moriarty prance and talk in this utterly pants episode. The whole Violet-Elizabeth Bott lookalike in peril on a plane subplot was wholly unnecessary and ridiculous. Mycroft gurns and is unneeded. Mrs Hudson and Lestrade are barely used. WTF did I watch? We see little Sherlock, fat kid Mycroft and annoying kid Eurus. This was dramatically exaggerated, utterly forgettable and Sherlock and John do melodramatic gasps. This was mind boggling nonsense. John is not a restraining influence. This was not reasonably diverting and does not bear objective analysis.

This was stultifying and like 90 minutes of a Gatiss and Moffat circle jerk. This latest stab at epicness was stupid. Why was Eurus vindictive and triumphant and then suddenly not? Mycroft is unnecessarily confrontational and this was smug and self congratulatory. This was not of huge significant and had no easy charm. Sherlock has a distracted air.

Eurus is in a prison and acts like Hannibal Lecter. There is a dumb scene with a drone and where is Rosie during all this? 221B blows up in a huge fake explosion. There are comedy fisherman and overacting with fruity theatre-ese. This was not soulful and where did John get a gun? There are comedy accents and disguises and a trove of stupidity. This had no emotional significance. Of course there was no glass. There is an unneeded flashback to Moriarty prancing around to Queen as Andrew Scott overacts and sniffs and babbles.

This was an overlong account of Mycroft whining and nobody striving to be better than they might be. There are no challenging shared moments as secrets are unearthed. This was not inspirational and the meet angry with Eurus is some sub ‘Hannibal’ crap. This has no emotional wisdom and full of wasted moments. Mycroft is an arse and Molly shows up to annoy. Subtext is tossed aside and this had no moral issues. Molly is not an intrinsic part of this show. This was not awe-inspiring and was just useless.

John is in peril down a well, which is wasted. There is mumbling and a twist. None of this made any sense and it was all a lie. How did John get out of the well? There is violin playing and Mary showing up to annoy. This was utter BS. Rosie finally shows up and this was not a great success. This is how this once great show ends? With this crap?

Best Lines:
“Era defining genius beyond Newton.”

“They took her away.”

“Press away.”

“You can’t have got out! You can’t!”

“I had a sister.”

“Don’t spend it all in one crack den.”

“It’s family.”
“That’s why he stays!”

“Never cease to announce.”

“We made our assumptions.”

“The uncontainables.”

“Built to keep the rest of the world safe from what is inside it.”

“Patience grenade.”

“Vacate the blast radius.”

“Non verbal symbols suggestive of internal thought.”

“There’s no such thing as bad.”

“I can help you cry.”

“People are breakable.”

“Apparently you were screaming.”

“Smell all that insane criminality.”

“He doesn’t sound dead.”

“Atmosphere of urgency.”

“You’ll find another.”

“Do all this to us.”

“What did they discuss?”

“He was never very interested in being alive.”

“How useful you are.”

“What will happen to the man you name.”

“Any form of crisis.”

“Shoot Dr Watson.”

“You shame us all.”

“I am finding you.”

“Mycroft’s been lying to you.”

“Told yourself a better story.”

“We never had a dog.”

“I wanted to play too.”

“You killed my best friend.”

“You should have done better.”

“I know what you can become.”

“Last refuge for the desperate, the unloved.”

“My Baker Street boys.”

Persona Non Grata
William is in peril. Philip’s son is in peril in the USSR. William makes a defining decision. Stan is an ideological obsessive. Carefully constructed personas crack. The yanks do smug self righteousness. William acts despairingly. Oleg has moral qualms. Nobody has a sense of life purpose or an easy manner, just deep regret. People are endlessly willing to do things for their righteous struggle. There are no powerful moments or sincere regret in the communication abyss. This was outlandish. William does some dying raving. Henry is ignored and is Stan very suspect of the Jennings position? Not yet it seems.

Best Lines:
“I didn’t have many friends.”

“As your unwelcome guest.”

“The lowest thing I have seen in my life.”
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