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Amerika (1987) Part 1 Reviewed

Even in 1987 there was no chance of the paranoid possibility of this. This was an epic miniseries set in 1997. This got a negative reaction even then. This is set 10 years into an improbable occupation of the former USA by the USSR. Kris Kristofferson, Robert Urich, Sam Neill, Armin Mueller-Stahl, Reiner Schoene, Mariel Hemingway, Christina Lahti and Lara Flynn Boyle star.

This 7 night, 14 and a half hour epic has blaring power cords, darkness and staring. Somehow there was an implausible bloodless coup. There is no internet or mobile phones. Loads and loads of characters wander around and you’ve no idea who these people are or their history, character or motivations. This was disinteresting, slow, pulpy and not grippingly tense. There is preachifying dialogue, exposition dumping and an enormous glut of padding.

There is no daring grimness and is very dated. This was bloated and overwrought and not hugely engaging. Kristofferson stares gormlessly as Devin. Neill and his cod Russian accent is evil as Denisov and feels up Hemingway who is his concubine or something. There are 80s perms and a ranting farmer. People are exiled from somewhere and become squatters in the Midwest. People orate and wear a lot of sheepskin.

Peter Bradford (Ulrich) is a politician trying to make the best of things. Jackie (Boyle) is his teenage daughter. Alethea (Lahti) is somehow related to them as she tries to improve things for herself. Everything is drab. Nobody has phones and everything is dark melodrama. There is no pork as most food goes to the USSR. People have to eat soy burgers which solves the cholesterol problems. Denisov and co are manipulative bounders with condescension. Kids have to ride bikes to school. Isn’t the Midwest a grim meth filled mess in the real world anyway? A doctor bemoans his exile.

People have porntaches. This was not deeply poignant, deliriously inventive or achingly poignant. There is a new oath of allegiance and a new flag which seems to be a combo of the UN flag and the Hammer and Sickle. This was okay and oddly compelling. Anyone ever read ‘U.S.S.A’? It’s a reverse of this sitch. There is an incipient crisis and incessant drama. I want to see more.

Best Lines:
“Free. Free.”

“Poor exiles.”

“Which one? Theirs or ours?”

“Very proud of you and your dancing.”

“Living in caves up in the Rockies.”

“What exactly goes into these things?”

“Don’t get pregnant.”

“Wait. Don’t run.”

“I got informers on my staff.”

“I even lost my condo in Vail.”

“No sign of significant resistance.”

“Omaha urban zone.”

“You disgraced your country.”

“Have your names returned to you.”

“We’ll get used to him being not gone.”
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