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Woe is me!

At last the 'Torchwood: Children of Earth' airdates are out and I'll be on holiday. Shakes fist at the BBC.

Saw the cover for 'Cape Storm' the upcoming 8th 'Weather Warden' novel. Is it just me or are TPTB styling the covers to be skankier and skankier as they progress?

Was thinking about 'Fringe' season 2. Again. Was wondering if alter-Walter will ever show up. What did he do when his son vanished from the face of the Earth? Does he know Peter has been raised by someone else all this time? If JFK lived in alter-world, wouldn't Peter have noticed that and wondered why history was different in real-world? Or was he so young when he was kidnapped he forgot or didn't notice the differences? Please don't let 'Fringe' mess this up. Walter's walking a dark path, every day he is guilty of at least non-custodial parental kidnapping.

I'll miss Don Self from 'Prison Break', now he could talk trash.
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