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Trailers, Quotes and Stuff

‘The Bye Bye Man’ TV spot
Me likey.

‘Mr Student Body President’ promo

‘Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D’ promo
Ghost Rider? No.

‘Timeless’ 1x06 promo
Flynn and Nixon? Mmmm.

Untitled movie trailer

‘Star Wars: The Force Awakens’ deleted scene
Kylo Ren on the Millennium Flacon. Awww.

‘CHiPS’ trailer
Nasty, just damn nasty.

Raspberry & Lime spritz - yum.
Hazelnut truffles - yum.

Recall the memorable VHS covert art for the 1989 ‘The Church’?

‘Sky News’ Quote:
“Sensible suggestions.”

‘The Irish Times’ Quotes:
“Logicoscientific training.”

“Understandable concern.”

“Pushing their victims to one side.”

“Unfortunately working against them.”

“Usually reflective people.”

“Significant lack of knowledge.”

“When two lads were caught reading the News of the World in the toilets in the Christian Brothers school in Naas, back in the 1960s, the entire class was made to write an essay on purity for the next day.”

“Incriminating diaries were unearthed.”

“Filthy play.”

“A very tasteful way.”

“Contain not a single specific proposal.”

“Privileged nostalgia.”

“Even more dismissive way.”

“Gratuitously insult.”

“His advocacy of more politicised modes of artistic practice.”

“Commitment to the non-committal.”

“Couple’s accommodation.”

“Wilful incomprehension.”

“Brunt of public fury.”

“So exclusive it does not advertise.”

“Academically vulnerable.”

“Tasked with attempting work far beyond their comprehension and composition abilities.”

“It did not go down well.”

“Sense a certain inevitability about the future.”

“Forgiveness or mercy.”

“Criminalised by the media.”

‘RTE News’ Quotes:
“Place my objectivity in question.”

“Blood stains in the sink.”

‘NASA’s Unexplained Files’ Quotes:
“Hope that they don’t find us first.”

“Is this first contact?”

“The last mission before the landing.”

“Poses difficult questions.”

“Apocalyptic alien technology.”

‘Dr Phil’ Quotes:
“Something wrong with mom.”

“Using profanity.”

“Safety concerns.”

“Gun fears.”

“I hate my mom. Very much.”

“Suicidal boyfriends.”

“Why are they not with you?”

“Mandatory enforcement.”

“She makes it all up.”

“Everything I do is wrong.”

“These aren’t bad things.”

“Very serious allegation.”

“Safety check.”

“Chain em to the basement in mom’s house.”

“I’m the sane one.”

“Never laid a harmful hand.”

“That’s her life.”

“Nobody believes her anymore.”

‘Great British Railway Journeys’ Quote:

‘Rick Stein’s Long Weekend’ Quote:
“Serious amounts of garlic.”

On ‘Neighbours’: the opening credits have changed. Toadfish obsesses over his not so dead 1st wife Dee Bliss. Sonia and Paige are both pregnant. Piper is a slut and one feels derision for her. Drab does not effectuate anything. Piper is unassaibly selfish. Terese is fat and loud. Paige has forgotten her Jack obsession. Piper drives people to have regular cause to wish that a murderer would carry her off.

What are bathers? Sonia rants. The disobliging new brothers bore. Why doesn’t Paige go back to her REAL family? Lauren is utterly bereft of morals. Piper’s ‘cooking’ produces no stream. The street has no quietness. Shame and sin have been eliminated. Rueful Toadfish is so gonna ditch Sonia for Dee. Weird Oz slang is uttered. Lauren ‘picks herbs’.

Piper is not mature and rational. Drab passed on the stupid gene to her. Tyler has no concept of table manners or how to dress while meeting the parents of your underage schoolgirl girlfriend. Will Lauren shut up and go away? Why does Tyler wants Piper? Piper sulks and Lauren sticks her nose in. Drab suddenly cares about Ned. Sonia’s cluelessness is slightly disturbing. Tyler is not an embodiment of the finest qualities and aspirations. Nobody addresses challenges.

Best Lines:
“Get wrecked.”

“We’ll calmly respond.”

On ‘Hollyoaks’: the opening credits change. John-Paul is pissy and cruel to James. Does Mercedes have a job? Does Cleo have a job? Does anyone in the McQueen household have a job? Everyone thinks Jesse is guilty and then they don’t. Nobody has social distinctions. Why do TPTB love Ste? Harry calls social services on Amy and Ste has no problem with this. John-Paul casts moral judgement. Liam lies. Where is Eva? Adam was ill-used by Jesse and Liam. John-Paul treats James contemptuously. There is no gritty underbelly of discourse here.

Ste faking Leah’s cancer in 2008 is brought up. Ste isn’t even Leah’s dad. Mercedes has no cogent clarity. There are raw emotions and reordered affections and moral complexity. Maxine is a bimbo. Adam has paranoid despair and forlorn glances. This is not stunningly bleak. John-Paul acts sanctified. Cleo continues her plan to steal Nathan from Lisa. Will Cleo piss off?

TPTB have no love of plot. There are no unaccountable intrigues. Nathan is a moron. DS Thorpe shows up. Ste stomps around in his tracksuit lying, yelling and being a violent thug. Ryan beats up Ste and Harry. Ste and Harry are awful and plot against Ryan and Amy. I have magnificent distain for them. Poisonous looks are exchanged. Lisa knows Nathan is a cheater. John-Paul is being killed off?

Best Line:
“You cannot ruin that family.”
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