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Timeless 1x05 + Gotham 2x16 Reviewed

The Alamo
Mason and Rufus are unconvincing on every score. Rufus is wholly unfit for this. He has disaffection. Mason has deliriously incoherent motives. I’m not American and I don’t know anything about the Alamo. Solider boy was in Syria. Flynn is a festering matter. Solider boy is not heart rending and has incompliance with killing Flynn. Lucy’s useless mother whines. There was an Isabelle II? How does Flynn get his toys?

General Santa Anna menaces the Alamo. Bowie lurks and his name is not pronounced like David Bowie. Jeff Kober plays Davy Crockett and he has the hat. It is 1824 and this was moribund. Soldier boy aka Wyatt has stressors. This was insufficient and not highly stimulating. Flynn loves benefiting from time travel and unceasing danger. What betterment does Flynn seek? He’s setting his own agenda and doesn’t mind resorting to brute necessity.

Who is Colonel Travis? Are TPTB aware that non-Americans watch this show? There is no gathering sense of doom or increasingly bellicosity. I don’t know why the Alamo is a defiant gesture or why Flynn has a hateful heart. Will TPTB tell us? Wyatt and Lucy have caustic dismissal of each other. There are no proven benefits to anything they do. Why does Flynn do unrighteous deeds? This was all sap and misdirected sexual frustration.

Best Lines:
“Victory or death.”

“I shall never surrender or retreat.”

“What is due to my own honour.”

“Are they listening?”

“Santa Anna blocked the aqueduct.”

“That letter created Texas.”

“Execute anyone who tries to surrender.”

“King of the wild frontier.”

“I don’t like being right.”

“A funny accent.”

“You deserve a better fate.”

“All this dress up and grade school drama.”

Gordon is in jail and in peril. Oswald has his new family. Melinda Clarke is Oswald’s stepmother. Lee miscarried. Bullock blusters and turns to someone unexpected for help. Oswald faces loss. This was mediocre.

Best Lines:
“Only way out: parole or a body bag. And nobody gets parole.”

“Did she have a happy life?”

“Restrain yourself woman!”

“Should I try?”

“I’m not his friend.”
“He thinks you are.”

“Gutter rodent.”
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