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Trailers, Quotes and Stuff

‘Sherlock’ 4x03 promo

‘Homeland’ promo
This is still on?!?

‘The Handmaid’s Tale’ promo
This looks GOOD.

Best Line:
“So many things are forbidden now.”

‘Amerika’ (1987) trailer
This miniseries is set in 1997 - 10 years into a Soviet occupation of American. Sam Neill, Lara Flynn Boyle, Kris Kristofferson and Robert Urich star. This was made by ABC and cost 40 million and was 1 of the last epic miniseries. This was a ratings bust and critically panned. There is mumbling, an upside down flag, cod Russian accents and this looks cheesy and sappy and silly. Recall the video cases for this miniseries? There were 3 of them and they had 1997 emblazoned on them. The 3 parts were called ‘Prisoners In Their Own Land’, ‘The Face Of Occupation’ and ‘Shadows Of Terror’.

Best Lines:
“You lost the land!”

“How could we not win?”

‘Apple Tree Yard’ promo

‘Fences’ promo

‘Class’ opening credits
Silly like this show.

Hazelnut praline - okay.
Hazelnut caramel - okay.
Salt caramel - no.
Orange crunch - okay.
Gourmet soda bread toasts multisided with cumin - tough.
Chicken liver pate - okay.
Raspberry choc - okay.
Almond praline - okay.
Single origin smoked Irish sea salt & cocoa nibs choc - yum.

I may have had chilblains on two fingers once.

Anyone see the 1995 ‘Richard III’?

Robert Harris’ ‘Fatherland’ was okay.

Anyone see ‘Blast From The Past’? or ‘Milk Money’?

I never saw ‘The Philadelphia Experiment II’.

Recall ‘The West Wing’ season 4 finale ‘Twenty Five’? The only ep I ever watched.

Saw some of the new ‘Once Upon A Time’ series. Mr Hyde has shown up, Emma is whining and the Evil Queen and her 80s music video outfits lurks. Snow and Regina are friends and everyone forgets the Huntsman ever existed. Didn’t Archie die? Mr Gold and Belle bore. Emma does facial clenches and the show makes few concessions to conventional plotting. Hook still isn’t dead. Henry lurks. How many surly idiot sons does Gold have?!?

Recall ‘Meet The Applegates? ‘Lord Love A Duck’? ‘Transylvania 6-5000’? ’Nothing But Trouble’?

I may review ‘Pompeii’.

‘Class’ Quote:
“Pooped out through the bunghill of time.”

‘Around The World In 80 Days’ Quotes:
“Where is your training?”

“And remove your hat!”

“We will review your impudence.”

“We’re all British gentlemen.”

“Tempting him down the path of inequity.”

“A woman! In the club!”

‘Lenihan: A Legacy’ Quote:
“The crowd was howling.”

‘The Simpsons’ Quotes:
“People are staring up at the sky in terror?”

“Bunch up and riot.”

“Vomit with rage.

“Management over think.”

“Lard lad.”

“Cultureless Mars-scape.”

“With permission of husband, father and pastor in writing.”

“Shut up.”
“Well that was clear.”

“I’ll find you, if there are still roads.”

“Look at me lovingly.”

“Daughter character.”

“Land apes.”

“Chinese overlords.”

‘The Witches’ Quotes:
“They defined themselves by what offended them,”

“The residents of Massachusetts Bay did not always know who sat on the throne to which they owed allegiance.”

“Captivity narrative.”

“We have all believed that someone had nothing better to do than spend his day plotting against us.”

“A Puritan did not waste a catastrophe.”

“The Salem constable suffered a painful run-in with a warming pan.”

“Had the misfortune to prove correct.”

“She would seem to have wandered into the village directly from the Brothers Grimm, were it not the fact they had not been born yet.”

‘Dr Phil’ Quotes:
“A party mom.”

“Not leading to anything good long-term.”

“Attention seeking whore.”

“Big bucket of crazy.”

“Too real for you.”

“Redneck piece of trash.”

“Doesn’t even want her child.”

“Refuses to do so.”

“Partying and stripping.”

“I won’t have it.”

“Loves to torment.”

“Why isn’t he a person to you?”

“Told me verbally.”

“Doesn’t get a voice in your behaviour.”

“Way out of the question.”
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