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Reaper Season 2 Ep 4 Review

The Favourite

Sam meets Morgan, his half brother and rival in the antichrist race. Andi is uneasy about the fact that "There are little devils running around." Sam is not revealing his paternity to her. In forgettable subplots: Ted wants his Work Bench job back and Nina and Ben have relationship woe. Sam really, really dislikes Morgan. He's jealous that devil Daddy seems to like Morgan better. And now that Sam has totally accepted his Prince of Darkness parentage, his fake daddy who was buried alive by demons in the season 1 cliff-hanger shows up. The fact that fake daddy's apparent death hasn't been even mentioned up to now is a bit odd. But he's back and decaying. This was okay and the first enjoyable ep of the season so far.

Best Lines:
"Horn hag."

"He's the son of the devil. You can't trust him."
"You're the son of the devil."

"If I fire Ted, he'll probably die or something."
"But ask yourself, is that a bad thing?"
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