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Movie Reviews: Walkabout + 3 others

Walkabout (1971)
Two children are taken into the Australian bush by their deranged father who shoots at them and then kills himself stranding them. The girl must look after her stupid younger brother. They stumble across an Aborigine boy who speaks no English. They see pretty scenery, camels and wildlife. The siblings treat being lost in the outback with no food, water or sunscreen as oddly normal. This was all seriousness. I formed a low expectation of this; the disturbing kangaroo hunt doesn’t help. This was deeply weird and at the end the grown up girl recalls the walkabout as a pastoral time to which she cannot return.

Best Lines:
“What people?”

“Perhaps the water will come back.”

“Where do they keep the water?”

“I say hello.”

The Wrong Woman (1995)
Bad and full of babbling idiots.

Body Language (1992)
Terrible Heather Locklear TV movie. No to this cultural offering.

Pulse (1988)
Evil electricity moves from house to house. This was okay and will the sentient evil electricity’s evil intentions be realised?
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