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Trailers, Quotes and Stuff

‘Helix’ season 2 opening credits
Oh, subtle.

‘Catch That Kid’ (2004) promo
No Kristen Stewart, no!

‘Gone Baby Gone’ (2007) promo

‘Lobster Man From Mars’ promo

‘Catacombs’ trailer
Paris misadventures, no.

‘The Harrisons’ trailer
Your new neighbours may be your last. Looks cheap.

‘Saw IV’ trailer

The Wrong Woman’ (1995) promo
Looks good.

‘Kiss The Girls’ (1997) promo
No, has a woeful lack of ambition, adventure and awareness.

‘Pink Cadillac’ (1989) promo

‘The Godfather Part III’ (1990) promo
Hell no.

‘Fifty Shades Darker’ TV spot

‘Striking Out’ opening credits
Silly like the show.

‘Supergirl’ promo

Toffee popcorn - nah.
Mini poppadoms - no.
Sea salt & black pepper cashews - okay.
Sacher torte - no.
Irish farmhouse cheese - stinky.
Pesto Alia Genovese - okay.

Recall Super-Soakers?

May watch ‘Helix’ season 2 after all. Also may give ‘Class’ a go.

Martin Kemp is reduced to appearing as a judge on a Take That reality show?

Anyone see ‘Prayer Of The Rollerboys’ or ‘Firestarter 2: Rekindled’?

I did not like ‘Riverworld’ by Philip Jose Farmer.

There is to be a complete creative reboot of ‘Charmed’?

The sequel to the 2010 ‘The Final’ is not a go?

Detribalisation - unrecognising.
Casse socialoe - social destruction.

Muse walls are a thing?”

Who else is a slinker?

There’s a gourmet chips and dips restaurant (Hipchips) in Soho. I’d try it.

‘Helix’ Quotes:
“To each his own path.”

“Measured ourselves by other people’s approval.”

“I just am.”

“Something amiss here.”

“We’re not equipped for containment.”

“Don’t forget about the international arrest warrants.”

“No contact Sarah!”

“Why does a cult need a botany lab?”

“Crackpot isolationist cult.”

“This isn’t a joke.”

“Others will follow.”

“Entrusted me with their legacy.”

“Wasteful blundering.”

“Everyone who gets this disease dies.”

“Alan is not in charge here.”

“I decide who we talk to, who we trust, who we confide in.”

“We follow the old ways.”

‘TV Times’ Quote:
“I don’t see the entertainment value of sticking your head inside a glass box full of cockroaches.”

‘Sky News’ Quotes:
“Emotionally needy.”

‘The Irish Times’ Quotes:
“Moral standards have declined.”

“Predictably exaggerated.”

“No hope of rest.”

“His proposals to address the crisis are laughable.”

“In the hope that people will still listen to us.”

“Radioactive decay.”

“Loud, or unpleasant in other ways.”

“The terrible things they did and said.”

“Draw maximum attention to himself”

“More ambition than means.”

“A strong thread of disapproval.”

“Awareness of risks seems to be in decline,”

“Through life experience and the internet.”

“To be sceptical of what he was saying.”

“Criticism has no function.”

“Reach and effect an audience.”

“Obsessed with niche interests.”

“Two men can consistently turn down work and still live in a £6 million flat in central London.”

“The cast of Hollyoaks murder Mr Blobby in a van fire.”

“The world is slightly different to your dreams.”

“Not talking to an empty seat.”

“Age of awesome.”

“Dismiss his potential.”

“Lost all restraint.”

“With a tortoise in his sporran.”

“Designed to be deniable.”

“I am raging.”

“He is in a feud with some people.”

‘The Gloss Magazine’ Quote:
“A good cultural fit.”

‘Rick Stein’s Long Weekend’ Quote:
“Disgusting thing.”

‘Buried Alive’ (2007) Quotes:
“Cow amuse us.”

“Creepier than this?”

“Keeps me focused and sanitised.”

“Trailer & maniac.”

“You can not listen.”

“There’s things to be feared of in the dark.”
“Yeah. How did all those holes get in the subcellar?”

“This is creepy.”
“This is boring!”

‘Nature’s Miracle Orphans’ Quote:
“Her pooping tree.”

On ‘Hollyoaks’: they’re going to kill off Amy?!? Jesse is arrested over Celine vanishing. Adam learns Jesse slept with his missing fiancé Darcy. Jesse does not apologise. Scott steals James’ bank details. Goldie’s noxious twins are blandly generic and achingly dull.
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