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Timeless 1x04 + Gotham 2x15 Reviewed

Party At Castle Varlar
There is no black melancholic stuff as the gang chase Flynn in 1944. The mothership needs charging like a mobile phone. Why is Rufus still taping them? The gang of idiots meet Ian Fleming. This was not punctiliously objective or rigorous. The gang are smugly condescending and have no snappy banter. Why is Flynn so cold and callous? The gang’s relentless pursuit of him is useless. Why are they the moral arbiters? Von Braun is encountered. This was not dazzlingly hilarious and had lazy bits of plotting. Solider boy seethes and Lucy’s past near death accident is important I’m sure.

This was not a serious engagement. The gang are casually dismissive of sense and social responsibility. Flynn has not drastically changed history. I’m actively disengaging from this disappointing show. We need more focus on the deliberately covert Flynn. This ep languishes and it was fanciful. Also it had no emotional response and was quite tedious. Lucy and her smug beliefs and demands are tiresome.

One does not derive any pleasure from this. Solider boy is combative and expresses frustration, anger and dissatisfaction. This was all inaction. This show does have opportunity for interesting stories it just hasn’t done any so far. Lucy has default anxiety mode - she’s fretful and frightened. Who is Flynn a patriot to? This ep cannot lay claim to any feature worthy of attention. Lucy has moral indignation. The gang do not pose credibly as Nazis. Flynn’s cunning plan goes on.

Best Lines:
“None of this is news.”

“You shot Lincoln.”

“It was in ‘Skyfall’.”

Mad Grey Dawn
This was of no interest. Baddies have deliberate intent. Nygma and Barnes bore. Butch, Tabitha and Penguin reunite. This wasn’t even lightly bemusing. Tabitha is sexually untrustworthy. Gordon can’t outrun the reality of his choices. Barbara wakes from her coma, nobody cares. There are no contested issues. Ivy resurfaces. This was not steadfast and the day’s dramas bore. Nygma negatively influences things and causes hassle. This show is unceasingly derided. There are poor outcomes and a sad plight ahead. Gordon has settled complacency. Bruce and Selina bore. Shouldn’t he be in school? Bruce has astounding ignorance. Penguin is 31. 31?!?! Penguin meets his daddy. I’m sure it’ll end horribly. Lee whines. Barnes turns on Gordon in a hot second. Gordon faces an unenviable fate as he is arrested for murder and convicted in about 3 minutes of screen time. There is overacting as he gets 40 years. Like what?

Best Lines:
“You’re a disgrace to the badge!”

“I let you lie to me.”

“Outlast him.”


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