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Trailers, Quotes and Stuff

‘Power Rangers’ trailer
This looks murky and loud. There are glowing stones, sink destruction and annoying music. Where is the green ranger? The armour looks dumb.

‘The Magicians’ season 2 promo
Please be good.

‘Don’t Knock Twice’ trailer
Looks dumb and what is with the accents?

‘Manchester By The Sea’ TV spot

‘Arrow’ clip ‘Who Are You?

‘Arrow’ promo ‘Who Are You?’
I knew she was Black Siren!

‘Lost In The West’ promo

‘The Company’ (2003) promo

‘Bull’ promo

‘Timeless’ 1x05 promo
The Alamo? No.

Proseco - nice.
Strawberry dream - no.
Poppy & sesame thins - yum.
Chilli nuts - soggy.
Hand dipped dark chocolate griottes - yuk.
Milk chocolate with salted butterscotch & maple syrup - ok.
Cashel blue - okay.
Lentil crisps - okay.
Country fudge - okay.

I will review ‘The Demonists’ and ‘The Witches’.

I won’t review ‘Painkiller’.

I won’t review ‘Blindpsot’ 2x08.

Rhubarb jam is a thing?

The Christmas ‘Doctor Who’ bored, sorry Peter Capaldi.

Why is Lacey Turner wasting her talent on ‘Eastenders’?

‘16 & Pregnant’ Quote:
“Step into womanhood.”

‘Eastenders’ Quote:
“Has she messed up somehow?”

‘Rick Stein’s Long Weekend’ Quotes:
“Lots of angst.”

“Three people are locked into a room for all eternity.”

“Granny’s recipes.”

“Halibut soup.”

“Do I look high up?”

“Chefy friends.”

“It’s fiercely local.”

“Which is not existing.”

“Byproduct of events.”

‘Great British Railway Journeys’ Quotes:
“Song school.”

“Found shelter and care.”

“Historical interpreter.”

“Take that you blaggard.”

‘Teen Titans Go’ Quote:
“Cheer up sad clouds.”

‘Heathers: The Musical’ Quotes:
“You wanted them dead too.”

“Sick disgusting things.”

“People who are decent.”

“You’re the one I choose.”

“Don’t give me that wounded look.”

“Going to lady prison.”

“I have struggled with despair.”

“Cos all my rides to school are dead.”

“Heather was a monster, just like Kurt and Ram!”

“None of this is funny.”

“Missed you after 8th period.”
“We’re avoiding you.”

‘The Irish Times’ Quotes:
I was not included in the conversation.”

“The system is not pleased with me. I have had telephone calls making this clear.”

“Easily led by her friends.”

“Online behaviour becomes entrenched.”

“She agreed with me -luckily.”

“We are terrified of everything.”

“Just being fashionable.”

“Whose orientation is a problem for their partner.”

“Justify my existence.”

“Cannot be faithful.”

“Throw the usual accusations at me.”

“Regain myself.”

“Listening space.”

“Safe and unpressurised.”

“Self-change attempts.”

“The Christian basis for morality eroded.”

“The wisdom of past generations, is mocked.”

“Like me, haven’t dated since last century.”

“Greeted with sneers.”

“Focus on the future.”

“Apocalyptic climax.”

“A sniff of some culture.”

“An unbecoming brittleness.”

“A bleak teleology.”

“Damning new details emerge with every week.”

“Rancid, uncultured and reactionary.”

“Social good.”

“Accused each other of being culpable.”

‘Sky News’ Quotes:
“Judge in retrospect.”

“Neutralised event.”

“Painful history.”

On ‘Hollyoaks’: Sienna tries to kill Joel and the garage blows up. Diego is back. Sienna is proper evil. Where is James? Where is Dodger? Why is Warren stupid? Will Goldie piss off? This show is now an abject failure. Sally thinks she’s a respected figure in the community. How does Myra know Joel? Shouldn’t Myra be having the menopause not a baby? Marnie baby talks and Ellie is over-dramatic. Ellie the free-loader plans to move out and mooch off someone else. Diane shows up. Diego fake romances Cindy. Myra mistakenly perceives Cindy. Diego is rightly creepy. Joel got onto Sienna too late. This show is distinctly average and simplistic. This show ignores complexity. People are bereft of friendly kinship.

Best Lines:
“God business.”

“Wallowing in self pity.”

“Your hair, the colour of toast.”

“That little hussy.”
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