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Sherlock 4x01 + The Americans 4x11 + Outcast 1x07-1x09 Reviewed

The Six Thatchers
I hated this. Mycroft and Sherlock overact. Sherlock annoys and bats away criticism. The events of 3x03 are covered up. Moriarty is considered a grave threat but nothing happens concerning him at all. Did he have a pernicious long term plan? Well, there is no sign of it in this ep. Sherlock has no moral earthquake over shooting someone. Sherlock does pointless ‘The X Files’ like voiceovers. John and his bad hair and old man clothes gets his character assassinated.

Mary and her bovine countenance and sourness is graceless and hateful. John and Mary coo over their doll aka baby. Where are the malefactors? Sherlock won’t leave his phone alone. This ep was full of sneering undertones and ugly wallpaper. Sherlock’s manic obsessive energy is not perfectly delicious. TPTB ruin John’s character. This was un-fascinatingly misguided. This show never has a good mystery and this ep is no exception. I viewed this ep negatively.

John has fury etched on his face and Sherlock is deeply repugnant. Does Sherlock have a tan? John is misery laden and there is no twisted darkness. Sherlock is cold, detached and terribly behaved. This does not mine dramatic tension and is not inherently moving. This ep was all contrivance. Sherlock does not know who Margaret Thatcher is apparently.

Nobody smelled the body and the subtext is non-existent as John is barely in this ep as Mary’s wrinkly face is centre stage. Mary ruins everything. Sherlock’s hair looks mental. This was not bizarre or baroque just boring as hell. It’s all about Mary. Who cares about Mary?!? Mary shot Sherlock, nobody seems to remember or care. She gets away with her crap. She looks old and haggard, she’s a liar and dumb and all generalised violence and thuggery. Mycroft sneers. Mary is just a devious minx on the make. This was not endlessly jolly.

This was lamentable and I felt absolute and inarguable loathing for the painfully obvious plot devices. Mary is guilty of all-round nastiness. She wears a bad wig. Who is minding the baby as John and Mary ignore it? John is sick of Mary’s crap but gets over it. This was singularly ill-judged. Mary is not cooperative, compliant or respectful. She’s an idiot and gets herself killed. With cold fury, John blames Sherlock. Why are people indulging John? This was all irrelevance. John acts discreditably and he is pettish and he suddenly decided to get cross. Sherlock is persona non grata. TPTB ruined John and the subtext for THIS? This ep had no considerable implications and had no particularly troublesome adversaries. John needs a more convincing condemnation. This was not raw, real or painful just doleful and unremarkable.

Best Lines:
“That’s not what happened at all.”
“It is now.”

“Never be that disappointing.”

“Targets wait.”

“Come back, it’s the wrong thumb.”

“It’s never twins.”

“Invisible magic friend.”

“Never a word of thanks.”

“Some little bastard.”

“There he remained.”

“It’s a pearl, get another one.”

“Keep me informed.”
“Of what?”

“Feel indifferent about.”

“Irritating electronic pipe thing.”

“Mr Sherlock.”

“Please Mary, there is a child present.”

“Pets do that.”

“Your little life.”

“Me substitute.”

“He likes to wear her lingerie.”

“Everything palls.”

“It’s not fun when they pass out.”

“You don’t have many favours left.”

“At the beck and call of a screaming demanding baby, woken up at all hours to obey its every whim. Must feel very different.”

“Never a word of thanks.”

“Given the number of cats you share your life with.”

Dinner For Seven
Pastor Tim bores. Nobody has commendable honesty. Pastor Tim and his dumb cow wife are drivers of visceral hatred. Philip and Elizabeth have to adapt their behaviour. Paige’s stupidity has caused consternation and profound problems. Pastor Tim is virtuous sounding and his wife is relentlessly hysterical. There is more excessive eye make up and bad polyester wigs. Nobody notes the illogic of the plots. Stan broods over Gaad and spews xenophobic hardening of attitudes. Paige is hilariously disgruntled at the crap she caused. Stan has simmering anger. There is no unremitting intensity just chaotic brutality and horrendous incidents. There is despair and longing as things are in disarray.

There is a dinner party. Philip and Gabriel play poor Don as the mark he is. Pastor Tim is ever suspicious. This is not even coldly effective. There are hideous ideologies that should be consigned to the ashes. The mail robot trundles by. Paige mumbles about stuff. Thugs get their asses kicked. There are caustic and impeccably defensive tones.

Best Lines:
“It happened because we had sex.”

“I don’t want anything from you.”

“He couldn’t do anything to them anymore.”

“I put that in my report.”

“Social action.”

“Please do not talk that loud.”

“We lived there first.”

“Is this forever?”

The Damage Done
Anderson attends to his sucking chest wound. This is not scary. Nobody has moral compunction. People in Rome are patently false. Anderson has unvoiced anguish and soul-crushing despair. This was not satisfactory. The long term detrimental effects of Anderson’s life get worse. People take strong exception to his acts. He faces pervasive sceptism.

Allison bores. I felt no unalloyed passion for this. Kyle has implacable imperceptivity. What are the demons? Are they demons? What do they want? This show had promise but went awry like ‘Threshold’ and ‘Surface’. Kyle has not assimilated to local prevailing values and customs. He is not self starting and has no outward certainty. Anderson is totally demented. There was a mine accident in Rome a while ago.

Anderson is weighed down by his own compromises. There are no alleged benefits to anything Anderson has done. The vile teen Aaron is disingenuous. Sidney is unusually difficult. Amber knows what happened and that Kyle left her with Allison. People are intensely sorrowful. This was not heartfelt and not a significant achievement. Donnie is a deranged fiend. Megan is wretched. There are most unpleasant consequences. This was infantile and senseless. I felt dissatisfaction for this ill considered ep. This had no thrilling intensity. Poor Mark is in trouble. This was inefficient.

Best Lines:
“That’s the point of jail!”

“This is never gonna end.”

What Lurks Within
Sidney bores. Where has Caleb gone since his exorcism? Allison dumps Amber on Kyle and takes off. The precariousness of the situation is clear. Megan and Mark are like Jenelle and Nathan on ‘Teen Mom 2’. There are no tender admissions just bitter regret. Kyle yells at Sidney. The horrible thug kid Aaron lies. This was much maligned and unremarkable. I can imagine nothing worse than this ep. Stuff is said. Anderson rants about the devil in plain sight and ends up fired and homeless. His unreasoning implacability goes on. This was nonsense.

Best Lines:
“Go home while you’re still safe.”

“Right or wrong you always win.”

“Why is that the first thing you ask?”

“That man is mentally unstable.”

“The town lunatic.”

“There is a disease in this town.”

“I’m not proud of that incident.”

Close To Home
There is nudity and violence. This was meaningless and hideously flawed. This was a letdown like ‘Jessica Jones’, ‘Alphas’ and ‘11.22.63’. Anderson attacks Sidney. People keep on being stupid. There is no ominous darkness and Megan is pregnant and possessed. One feels angry frustration at the morons in this show. The last vestiges of my interest are gone. The bratty Aaron strikes again.

Best Line:
“I would like to be heard.”
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