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Book Review: Federation

Star Trek: Federation by Judith & Garfield Reeves-Stevens
This 1994 novel from the authors of ‘Memory Prime’ and ‘Prime Directive’ involves Zefram Cochrane, Kirk’s Enterprise, Picard’s Enterprise and a loony fascist whose hatred has conferred a warped form of immortality on him. All these characters intersect in this dull crossover tale. This was over-written, full of technobabble, smugness and is totally incompatible with the Zefram Cochrane portrayed in ‘Star Trek: First Contact’. This provokes no disbelief and awe and is full of sap. The Preservers are mentioned, Picard and his crew bore, there is sexual weirdness, an OTT evil guy and mentions of Eurodollars, Liquid vacuum telescope, Net phones and Compliance divisions.

Best Lines:
“Life eternal in exchange for all that made life worthwhile.”

“Once more going where none has gone before.”

“A future he would never be part of.”

“Thorsen felt no remorse because none was warranted.”

“Then that thing, or that person or group, didn’t deserve to exist.”

“It wasn’t a friendly question.”

“What that Vulcan could never say, would never say.”

“And I wanted to take this species to the stars.”

“A year away from graduating medical school when the bloody Optimum closed the universities.”

“It’s sealed in the Starfleet Archives. Not to be opened for a century.”

“Most probably not for good reasons.”

“Establish itself on other words around other suns.”

“That was gratitude?”

“People such as you exist only because people such as I allow it.”

“People like you have no place in it.”

“The news of the shredder bomb assaults on England’s universities had made it to Alpha Centuari.”

“A three-and-a-half-billion-year-old Preserver object would have few motives for taking over a starship.”

“Shamed those who had survived.”

“Feeling the textures that had been placed there by thinking beings when life on Earth was still primordial soup.”
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