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6 Movie Reviews

The Beaver (2011)
A hopelessly depressed man ignores his wife (Jodie Foster) and sons. The nihilistic man (Mel Gibson) is heinous and his eldest son (Anton Yelchin) has an ignorable sub-plot. The man gets a hand puppet that talks in a cockney accent and seems to fix all his issues. This was not dynamic, complex or tense as the useless man seems to do well but naturally it all goes awry. This was okay.

It had no smartness or insights and was earnest and self-indulgent. Grimmer questions emerge and this was a damning picture of social ills. The man has menace, bristling self-hatred and a dark purpose. He is a loon. Jennifer Lawrence is in the useless subplot.

Best Lines:
“A talking hamster.”

“Drown out the reality.”

“He said I was a ball-licker.”

“He got me out of the dumpster.”

“What knows.”

“Dropping a telly on your head.”

“I’m not talking to you nut job.”

“We’ll make the turd.”

“Very high degree of scepticism.”

“I don’t want you to call.”

“People seem to love a train wreck, when it’s not happening to them.”

It Came From Beneath The Sea (1955)
Ray Harryuhausen did the effects for this tale of a giant octopus attack. A nuclear sub sails around unaware of a potential threat object. Defeating it seems beyond humanity’s current capabilities. Bad actors with flat effect stare at dated vfx. Their war weapons can’t take on the octopus. One felt disengagement from this appalling and truly awful film.

Best Lines:
“Nothing hot in here Sir.”

“You people work hard.”

“It’s our job.”

“Take her deep.”

“It’s no whale sir.”

The Man Who Would Be King (1957)

The Siege At Ruby Ridge (1966)

Henry V (1989)

Big Miracle (2012)
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