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Cane Eps 9 to 11 Reviewed

Daddy Duque grew a pair and kicked Alex out of his CEO job. Alex sulked and went on holiday with his criminal buddies. Alex's wife was romanced by an annoying artist who heaped insults on her as a means of flirtation. Alex's son and his wife had boring marital woe. Henry pined over Terri. Then a hurricane hit and Alex and Frank were held at gunpoint by criminals. Alex was self righteous. Frank is suddenly asthmatic. Terri got divorced and Henry shamelessly hit on her. Frank wore a t-shirt, yum yum yum. This show is clichéd with bad acting and annoying characters but sometimes you can see promise.

Memorable Lines:
"Don't want to get hit by a flying gator."

"Turn down your violins for just a second."
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