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Blindspot 2x07 + Harry Price: Ghost Hunter Reviewed

Resolves Eleven Myths
Rich Dotcom is back and the FBI has more atrocious judgement. Rich is running from a super-assassin. This was a valiant failure. There are lies and Jane has issues. There is no social learning. Jane beats up a dude and Tasha is in peril. I’ll stick with this a while longer.

Best Line:
“A urinal cake, hopefully from the supply closet.”

Harry Price: Ghost Hunter (2015)
Notorious ghost hunter Harry Price is summoned to investigate when an MP’s wife acts out. This ITV drama is full of wilful nattering and has no depth or detail and was not done in a quiet thoughtful way. This was unlovely and had no bleeding inner torment, pain, poignancy or playfulness. The MP has innate hostility. This was frustrating, inert and low energy and caused deep dissatisfaction.

This was not genuinely meaningful. This was heinous and infuriating and full of truly horrible people. Who is the mastermind conspirator behind all this? Who do you think? This was stupid, badly acted and obvious.

Best Line:
“You didn’t love her. You wanted her. There’s a difference.”
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