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Movie Reviews: The Sand + Burton and Taylor + Rainbow

The Sand (2015)
A monster lurks under a beach and eats stupid teenagers. There is swearing and nobody has a phone. There is disquietude and dreadful consequences for being a moron. Irritating people who can’t act scream and are insufferably narcissistic and unapologetically entitled. This reminds me of a Stephen King short story and people do not suppress fear in this survival horror. There is no moral improvement and ‘Blood Beach’ was better. This was foolish and worthless.

Best Lines:
“The sand ate him!”

“Oil does not do that!”

“What kind of stupid-ass plan was that?”

“Stay ok.”

“Tell somebody about this.”

“The rescue hook.”

“Stuck in a goddam trashcan without any hope.”

“It’s a beach, people come.”

“What if every beach is like this?”

“No-one’s come looking for them.”

“Get on that table.”

“Waits for food to wander onto it.”

Burton and Taylor (2013)
Helena Bonham Carter and Dominic West star in this true story of Elizabeth Taylor and Richard Burton starring in the play ‘Private Lives’ in 1983, years after their 2nd divorce. Everybody was married to Elizabeth Taylor. This BBC drama was dull. Taylor and Burton have alcohol issues and there is potential melodrama at every turn. This was not incident packed. Carter does not look 50. The couple have fondness for each other.

Burton has anxious urges. There is no searing candour just campy hokum. This had no beautifully crafted narrative and characterisation. Burton and Taylor have companionship but no calmness, just enmeshment. This was not very interesting apart from their ugly clothes.

Best Lines:
“What are you wearing?”
“It’s a mink.”

“Do none of us a disservice.”

“Read it? God no!”

“Don’t lecture me on the bloody theatre!”

“It makes me angry when you say it.”

“Can befuddle me.”

“The stage is not my home.”

“They’re not yours to talk about anymore.”

Rainbow (1978)
This Judy Garland bio-pic has no serious acclaim.
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