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Outcast 1x04 + The Witness For The Prosecution 1x01 Reviewed

A Wrath Unseen
Kyle the Joshua Jackson lookalike broods. The sordid is never far beneath the surface. There is a very sparsely attended funeral. Sidney (Brent Spiner) behaves in a palpably obviously evil way. Everything is low with portent. Things tear at Anderson’s emotions. Megan is bothered by the absolutely shameful git Donnie. Kyle and Donnie brawl. Donnie stirs up hatred. Kyle is mournful. This was okay but had no complexity or depth. Everybody has deep enduring traumas. The police chief ponders. A demon lurks. Kyle has formed his social rituals and sticks to them. Anderson marinates in his own sense of superiority. There are authenticity cues, a creepy shut-in named Mildred and what is going on in town? Anderson is rejected and Mark freaks out.

Best Line:
“That seems sad.”

The Witness For The Prosecution (2016) 1x01
It is 1923 and a World War I vet becomes the kept man of a bored rich widow (Kim Cattrall). This BBC1 drama was overdone and not a patch on the movie. The vet’s wife is a showgirl. This looks foggy and grimy. The vet has no problem being a man whore for the widow for £5. A diva bullies the showgirl. The widow is murdered. Whodunit? Is the gigolo a low mark chancer or a maliciously calculating premeditated killer?

What happened to the mean diva? How did the showgirl get to be the new diva? A Mrs Danvers like maid is devoted to her lady. Is the kept man a traumatised down on his luck veteran? Or a calculating killer? The vet’s solicitor (Toby Jones) coughs and blusters. The showgirl becomes a witness for the prosecution. This was so very very BORING.

Best Lines:
“The girl who used to sing in the moon before me.”

“How she’d laugh.”

“Some boiler twice your age.”

“I know my place unlike some!”

“I liked her being proud of me.”

“Something not right.”

“The maid loathes him.”

“An actress from Vienna.”

“When the court hears actress, they’ll think whore.”

“Brains were sprayed up the wall.”

“Who burns a shirt?”

“Wives are meaningless.”
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