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Book Review: Bold

Kris Longknife: Bold by Mike Shepherd
I am done with this saga. Kris is heaped with ostentious praise for not very much. She is sent to resolve the civil war in the Peterwald Empire. She also spends chapter upon chapter fussing over her newborn daughter who she either ignores, dumps on other people to care for or endangers.

The far more interesting plot of Vicky, her father and evil stepmother is wrapped up. The evil step mommy has no character. She’s just morally fraught, lacks a moral conscience, rails at various targets and has visceral hatred for sense and is dangerous and deluded.

This has Smart Metal that does everything. Kris’ baby has 6 nannies. There are constant assassination attempts. Kris won’t stop talking. Somehow her addiction issues have been forgotten. The civil war ends but interest is long defunct by then. What became of Vicky’s baby half-brother? Unknown. Reading this was a discouraging experience as it was so inadequate.

Best Line:
“They had threatened to bombard Wardhaven down to bedrock if the planet didn’t surrender unconditionally to them.”
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