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Movie Review: 22 Jump Street (2014)

The two stupid cops with bad diction return. The 1st film was passably exciting; this is a wantonly dramatic domain of pain. They’re not very likeable and this is not of any substance. This was not jaunty and has no gritty aspects. There is unreasoning stupidity and scant pleasures. Sense is casually ridiculed. This was entirely unnecessary. An octopus attacks someone which gets the biggest and only laugh of the film.

Morally wanting people do stuff, doves fly by and the petulant man brats played by Jonah Hill and Channing Tatum yell. This was not cohesive or credible. The duo go to college to find another drug dealer. Grim faced people walk around and there is a dreadful catalogue of dumb. This was dispiriting.

There is no narrative potential. There is grumbling and complaining. This had no infinite level of significance. This generates little esteem. The plot is glaringly obvious. The king of debauchery (Tatum) is thick and there are no significant creative forces. This was all unlikeliness. There is intoxicant inspired stupidity. This was not a joyous adventure just mediocrity. This was as annoying as Noddy Holder. An obvious terrible woman does appalling things. Nobody has propriety or pathos. Booker makes a cameo and Peter Stomare and Ice Cube co-star in this dismal mess.

Best Lines:
“Stepped on sh#t.”

“They still have books?”

“Plainview Red Herrings.”

“Mexican Wolverine.”

“Worn out roles.”

“Trash compactor of sadness.”

“Way more expensive for no reason.”

“Korean Jesus.”

“Tell us about the war. Any of them.”

“Great sex, you’re good at it.”

“When people did normal drugs.”

“Old people drugs.”
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