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Movie Reviews: Rogue One + The Guest

Rogue One: A Star Wars Story (2016)
This plodding and tedious film has no gritty charm. Paper thin characters who radiate mystique and damage look for the plans for the Death Star (which was deliberately built with that fatal flaw). A CGI Tarkin and a young Leia show up, creepily. This was dull and grating.

Best Lines:

“Don’t look up.”

The Guest (2014)
A man (Dan Stevens) worms his way into the home of a grieving family unable to cope with their lives. Then he erupts into a frenzy of violence and nothing is ever explained. This witless, charmless mess is from the maker of the lame and gormless ‘You’re Next’ and ‘Blair Witch’. This has a regrettable penchant to annoy. There should be extreme concern and moral arguments about the guy’s carry on but no.

Best Lines:
“He doesn’t even have a job!”
“Well he’s a drug dealer.”

“I can’t get into too many details nor would you want me to.”
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