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Trailers, Quotes and Stuff

‘Fast & Furious 8’ trailer
So Dom’s gone bad, Dwayne Johnson over emotes and there is a submarine. This looks bad.

‘Assassin’s Creed’ trailer
Has no constructive purpose.

‘Live By Night’ trailer
Ben wants that Oscar.

‘Guardians of the Galaxy Volume 2’ trailer
Baby Groot is cute but no.

‘Inside No 9’ festive trailer

‘SNL’ skit: ‘Undercover Boss: Starkiller Base’
Kylo Ren (Adam Drive) goes undercover as a radar tech named Matt. This was hilarious.

Best Lines:
“I haven’t had my muffin yet Matt!”

“Sorry I killed your son.”

“Kylo Ren’s a punk bitch. That guy looks like he weights 30 pounds soaking wet underneath that little black dress.”

“Matt straight up sucks.”

Orange Crunch - good.
Walnut truffle - okay.
Toobz- nice.
Smoky Chipotle salsa - yum.
Cox Apple & Elderflower presse - okay.
Chocolate truffle - good.
Chocolate trio - no.
Raspberry sorbet - no.
Almond crunch - okay.

I will review ‘Outcast’ season 1, ‘Bold’ and ‘The Shadwell Shadows’.

I won’t bother with Robert Ryan’s books or ‘The Demonologist’, ‘The High Ground’, ‘Wrath’, ‘Billions’, ‘Bloodline’ or that ‘The Flash’ novel.

I won’t review ‘Blindspot’ 2x05 ‘Condone Untidiest Thefts’.

So Adrian Zmed isn’t dead.

Anyone see the 1994 ‘Death And The Maiden’?

Anyone ever seen ‘Santa Sangre’?

I didn’t know there was a ‘Lost Boys’ comic.

‘The Secret Life Of Cats’ Quotes:
“Make sure the familiar stays familiar.”

“Secure home territory.”

‘The 5:30’ Quote:
“Entitled to a low opinion.”

‘The Irish Times’ Quotes:
“Living in truth.”

“Geological time.”

“Wise life.”


“If we are to remain on the planet.”

“Another ice age would wipe out agriculture and human civilization along with it.”

“Citizen-led intervention.”

“A reality television star was given the job of looking after America’s nuclear codes.”

“Women feel they are responsible for the family having a happy Christmas.”

“Polices its function and morality.”

“Neither age nor gender being a barrier to his proclivities.”

“Resolve things like that.”

“Seemed genuinely puzzled that he was expected to tell the truth.”

“Performances so phoned-in it’s hard to engage enough to even become actively offended.”

“You said some hurtful things, Honor - especially about my rugby career.”
“You never had a rugby career.”

“Significant change of behaviour, her general unhappiness and a growing withdrawal.”

“Have not learnt any lesson, nor think they need to.”

‘RTE News’ Quotes:
“Bring significant certainty.”

“Death story.”

“Clowns without borders.”

“Cash for ash.”

“Stop talking about this.”

‘Sky News’ Quote:
“Against nature.”

“Challenged area.”

“Insulting to people on council estates.”

“Corpse smelling dogs.”

“I celebrate that.”

“Rubbish calls.”

“Thank the lord for that.”

“Very low rent estate.”

“That forgives nothing.”

“I can try that.”

“Seeking an end to being shouted at on the street.”

“Never tied my child under a divan bed.”

‘Blindspot’ Quote:
“I hated military school.”

‘Bad Education Christmas Special’ Quotes:
“What’s the best film of the last 20 years?”
“Saw IV.”
“Saw V.”
“Hunger Games.”
“Meet The Fockers.”

Dr Phil’ Quotes:
“I’m not receptive to it at all.”

“The reality is much darker.”

“Forced hair cuts.”

“Isn’t willing to hear.”

“Accept my acknowledgement.”

On ‘Hollyoaks’: Alfie steals booze. Neeta dresses like a stripper for her job interview. She’s curiously passive. Ellie is not a striking presence. There is no family dispute resolution. This desimulates. One is dissatisfied already. Sally is white noise in human form. Ellie is arrested for punching Nick and she is driven to desperate ends. She has no moral argument. Tegan sniffs around. Goldie’s twins are louts. Mac and Marnie mock Neeta Alfie needs endless attention. Falsehoods are peddled. Alfie whines.

Tegan refers to Ziggy as her fella, ignoring how she stole him from Leela. Tegan calls Ellie a tart. Ellie mistook Nick's intentions. She has no consistency and is under sustained pressure. She’s a bit too exciting for her own good. OB bothers Grace and Grace has fish wallpaper - big fat goldfish. Eva is dodgy. People live their lives with the dial permanently cranked up to 11. Freddie shows up. A horrible family confrontation does not erupt. Where is DS Thorpe?

Lisa boned Mac. Are there Xmas bells in the theme song? People dodge problems. I shed few tears for Ellie. I am honorbound to detest this. Freddie is totally oblivious to sense. This was not uncompromisingly realistic. And this was not a hilariously through analysis of Chester folk. Sienna plots. Nathan roars and Marnie preens. Alfie annoys, Nick preens and this was not hugely moving.
More hideous wallpaper is shown. Sienna looks through Theresa’s old things. Myra is still pregnant. James comforts Ellie. Warren has bad grammar. Lisa makes out with Mac. Ellie wasn’t around Marnie for years. Ellie whines. Warren lurks. How did Lisa get into a locked apartment? Mac throws Marnie out and all her belongings fit in one bin bag. Mac’s eye is free to wander. Who is paying the bills for the Roscoe house?

Best Lines:
“A valid reason for your behaviour.”

“That’s just your pits.”

“My poisonous mother.”

“That nest of vipers.”

“She never once said no.”

“It’s not even goldfish.”

“Find the danger.”

“Acting like a lad on tour.”

“You’re leaving.”

“You have missed all the drama.”

“Duplicitous cretin.”

“I did an awful thing!”
“Do not speak about my mother like that!”

“Ex-gangster boyfriend.”

“Thank you for the visuals.”

“Some kind of family drama.”

“Yet another affair.”
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