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Jessica Jones 1x08&1x09 Reviewed

There is societal indulgence of Kilgrave. He has recreated testy Jessica’s childhood home. This was a fundamentally defective tale of virulent cynical opportunism. This world is an underlying cesspit. Kilgrave says Jessica is not a reliable witness to her own life. Kilgrave and Jessica have no moral clarity. Why is she his longest lasting love? Kylo Ren was a better villain that Kilgrave. This was ill-defined. Simpson shows up. This has no personal resonance and no oratorical tones. Jeri has no shame. Irritation is Jessica’s normative state. Kilgrave’s origin is shown. Jessica tries to get Kilgrave to be a hero. Kilgrave is an intractable arse. This was not even reasonably presentable. Jessica is resistant to sense and her family were trash.

Best Line:
“Bag of steroids.”

“Because you were kind to me.”

“I built everything around you.”

“Say that with cash.”

“How I was made.”

“You’re not 10 anymore.”

“I want cake!”

“Awe and gratitude for me.

“I can legally shoot you.”

AKA Sin Bin
Jessica has Kevin aka Kilgrave locked up. Simpson was blown up but walks it off. Jeri is stupid and selfish. There are emotional outbursts and instability. This was not scary stuff and there is no genuine misery. A mean doctor treats Simpson. This had no thought or aspiration. Pam cheerleads Jeri, she won’t shag Jeri until Wendy’s taken care of. Pam is Anne Boleyn in a wraparound dress. Doesn’t Trish have a job? Hope is yellow and done. Jessica is thankless. Malcolm is dissed. Kilgrave’s parents show up. Simpson takes pills and there are growing obstacles to logic. There are bad UK accents and despite her PTSD Jessica had time to get her lips done. Cute jacket guy (Ryan Farrell) shows up.

Best Lines:
“Was mudercorpse already taken?”

“You would have kept walking.”

“No, you’re not.”

“I wish I had a mother of the year award so I could bludgeon you with it.”

“You won’t feel a thing. Mostly.”
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