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Trailers, Quotes and Stuff

‘Timeline’ 1x02 promo

‘Six Wives With Lucy Worsley’ opening credits

‘Unforgettable’ trailer
Oh no.

Best Line:
“Are you threatening me?”

‘Wedding Crashers’ (2005) promo

‘In The Line Of Fire’ (1993) promo

‘Jerry Maguire’ (19960 promo

‘Team America: World Police’ (2004) promo

‘Spy Kids’ (2001) promo

‘Jack Frost’ (1998) promo

‘Nine Months’ (1995) promo

‘Loser’ (2000) promo
Hell no.

Chargrilled chicken, patatas, bravas & garlic aioli - okay.
Gluten free mince pie - crumbly but okay.
Chocolate con leche - no.
Cherry vanilla Pepsi - tastes like u-bend cleaner.

What was the 1991 ‘The Guyver’?

Upcoming ‘Star Trek’ novels have hideous covers.

Anyone seen ‘Wedlock’ or ‘Split Second’?

I thought about giving ‘Killjoys’ season 1 a go but no.

RIP Alan Thicke.

‘Teen Mom OG’ Quotes:
“Afraid of his own freedom.”

“Not coming home a lot.”

‘The Irish Times’ Quotes:
“Upsetting and challenging for families.”

“Liver disease of unknown origin.”

“Simply does not pay to be stoical.”

“Matched no known conditions.”

“Win the mercy of the conquerors.”

“Had a tendency to make false or exaggerated claims.”

“A conspiracy or campaign against him.”

“Anguished laughing or crying.”

“I just don’t want to.”

“That wrecks Christmas.”

“Dictating arrangements.”

“They get the hard deal.”

“What’s in this house is for this house.”

“Went completely against her.”

“Squad car pulling up at the house on Christmas morning because of a dispute over access, which is not unheard of,”

“Withdrawn from communication with her.”

“Selective in when he wants responsibility.”

“Less and less the norm.”

“That’s just nonsense.”

“People who are important to them have not done so.”

“Women are portrayed as being so ignorant.”

“One object and one alone.”

“Failed to stand by.”

“Energy citizen.”

“Imperative to decarbonise.”

“There was no shame in it.”

“It certainly could have been handled a lot better.”

“Is there no morality left?”

“No unacceptable face.”

Star Wars: A New Hope’ Quote:
“Your foul stench.”

‘RTE News’ Quote:
“Thank you tour.”

‘Due South’ Quotes:
“He’s a lying rat bastard.”

“No one can do 50 and live.”

“When said Santa was cuffed and thrown into a paddy wagon.”

‘Devious Maids’ Quotes:
“I despise you.”
“And I you.”

‘Baby Faced Mums’ Quote:
“Some duckies.”

‘Time’ Quote:
“Their distain gave him strength.”

'Channel 4 News' Quote:
“No branded clothing, because you might have stolen it.”

‘Bad Education: Christmas Special’ Quotes:
“Sat underneath a bridge she guards eating goats.”

“Slightly stabby façade.”

“I tried that one, it ain’t real.”

“Genuinely nice.”

‘Dr Phil’ Quotes:
“Time to go on a 3 day bender.”

“Met in rehab. Not good.”

“Is there a threshold?”

“Created a toxic home.”

“I love him dearly.”

“Enjoyed chaos.”

“Making my life harder.”

‘Six Wives With Lucy Worsely’ Quotes:
“Loyal first wife.”

“No intention of giving up her crown.”

“Futile repetitious debate.”

“Past her best.”

“A bitter Queen.”

“Pushing out his loyal first wife.”

“Defied the Pope to marry her.”

“A dangerous place to be for an ambitious woman.”

“Taken him 3 wives to get to this point.”

“Acting exactly like the wife Henry wanted.”

“Nice tight grip on the shaft.”

On ‘Hollyoaks’: Peri is the c word. Marnie screeches at Ellie. Cindy blusters. Alfie is contentious. Mac annoys. Someone dresses up as a porno Santa and Eva is a massive moral failure. OB calls Eva’s bluff. There is no peace or goodwill. Eva is defamatory. Watching this is a horrendous experience. There is no in-depth analysis. Eva threatens to charge Tom with murder. Holly has hooker hair extensions. Eva has aggression. Ellie whines and is inconsolable. Nobody has the necessary reactions. Alfie screams - will he go away.

Nick and Holly have sex in a toilet stall. Nick has no selfless generosity or redemptive power. Nick seems to impose choices. Marnie wears excessive eye make-up. Dirk rages. Holly publicly berates Ellie as a tramp. Dirk finally clues Alfie in on the Freddie/Marnie hookup. Tom’s dumb. Mac gloats, Neeta sucks, James broods, Marnie lies and Alfie is an irritant. Eva’s mad. Jack’s entire plotline bores and makes no damn sense. Ellie is a drunk jerk. Alfie goes gangster. Ellie assaults Nick. The actress who played Jacqui is reduced to appearing as Anne Boleyn on ‘Six Wives’.

Best Lines:
“A bit gross in here.”

“In a pub toilet. Classy.”

“I’ve had enough of her!”

“The biggest tramp in Hollyoaks!”

“That is not my mum!”
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