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Book Reviews: Demons + The Black Room Manuscripts Volume One, part 1

Star Trek The Original Series #43: Demons by J.M. Dillard
From the author of ‘Bloodthirst’ and ‘Resistance’ comes this bare bones tale of possession and madness. Vulcan scientists find something on a distant planet and it spreads to Vulcan and the Enterprise. It causes violent and aggressive behaviour. Meanwhile McCoy and Spock act wildly out of character as they fight over a mary-sue character named Anitra.

She’s always disobeying orders and being unreasonable and making pithy pronouncements but this is all relatively overlookable apparently as all members of the triumvirate (Kirk, Spock and McCoy) fancy her. If one can overlook this and Anitra’s self regard, this is a fairly okay tale of pretty aggressively nasty things. This had a sequel in ‘Star Trek The Next Generation’ entitled ‘Possession’ which was not as good.

Best Lines:
“He had remained ominously silent for hours.”

“I’d rather die in the desert,”

“And how in the hell can a subatomic particle think, let alone control some-one’s actions?”

The Black Room Manuscripts Volume One, part 1

A short bitter start.

The Stranger
A guy babbles crazily. This was not significantly complicated.

Time For Tea
A visit to a tea-room leads to desperately anxious people who want to live. Okay.

Hide & Shriek
An annoying child plays hide and seek in an odd old house. A dark upstairs room proves too potent to resist leading to inevitable horror. This was okay.

Room At The Inn
A dingy tale of an inn.

Clandestine delights
A jaded man goes looking for the ultimate pleasure. This was a not too deep tale of snob value. This was not without its diversions.

Waiting For The Right Stop
Why is she on a bus she can’t get off? Obvious.

Best Line:
“Keep your mind on nice things.”

Inept astronauts find a planet of horror. Has no energy or ability.

Best Line:
“Picking a drug-induced, hallucinogenic fight with a tree.”
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