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The Americans 4x09 +Jessica Jones 1x04&1x05 + Supergirl 2x08 Reviewed

The Day After
There is no ordered calm or mood elevation, just incendiary lies. Paige’s challenging behaviour has consequences. Stan and Philip wear unfortunate shorts. There is relentlessly moody wrenching discord. Paige is wan and there is bad ADR. ‘The Day After’ airs on TV. Cue hazardous emotional territory. As well as overwrought acting and the possible consequences of potential aggression. One is strangely irritated by Paige. Philip worries about the ever present possibility of war. Elizabeth has inexorable logic. There is shagging and Elizabeth finds a mark’s ancient VHS porn.

This drama is unsustainable. Philip and Elizabeth are disrupters and have rueful self-knowledge and little affection. Paige feels terrifyingly urgent feels after watching the horror unfold in front of her in ‘The Day After’. Oleg broods and do they sincerely regret anything? Elizabeth does nasty things to her unfailingly polite ‘friends’. This was indigestible and not a virtuosic confection. Pastor Tim bores and offers no constructive guidance. Pastor Tim is all pomposisity and parasitism.  Certain perceptions are held. People are miserable most of the time and Elizabeth does more vile things.

Best Lines:
“We get breaks?”

“It’s the worst thing I’ve ever seen.”

“Nobody needs this!”

“I don’t trust us with this.”

“Making that poison for us.”

“Dropped the atom bomb. Twice.”

“This is why we’re here.”

AKA 99 Friends
This was not lyrical and has no gut crunching emotional rawness. Trish has fans of her child star days. Bad decisions are made. The cop had his personhood erased by Kilgrave and now he wants to make amends. This was misjudged. Kilgrave’s mistreatment of people goes on. Trish whines and Jeri sneers and flaunts her mistress in front of her wife Wendy. Jeri is a distinctly awful person and harries Wendy. Pam the other woman is appalled by Jeri. Nobody does anything sensible.

A Kilgrave support group is set up. If Jessica would explain things instead of screaming and smashing stuff people would listen. The cop aka Simpson and Trish bond. Malcolm the neighbourhood junkie seems to have no point. Kilgrave causes paranoia and panic. I am increasingly disillusioned with this show. Trish is not nice. These are awful people and terrible memories of Kilgrave come out.

Best Lines:
“I can smell it on him.”

“Take sex pictures.”

“My mum blew half the jury to get me that award.”

“Wound up dead in my elevator.”

“I was committed to the scenario.”

AKA The Sandwich Saved Me
Jessica can fly though she calls it guided falling. Poor Malcolm was ruined by Kilgrave. Jessica is defeatist. Kilgrave is a cause of dismay and a matter of concern. Kilgrave does things out of spite and Jessica idiotically stomps through life. This was not subtle just increasingly irritating. There are truculent threats and Jessica is a tool. She will not listen and is mocking and smirking and impertinent. Hope snots.

Kilgrave has a sense of entitlement. There is an absence of a general narrative thrust. There is no merriment. When was NY rebuilt after Loki and the aliens trashed it? An attempt to nab Kilgrave does awry. Kilgrave has minions. This was mediocre and there are unclear flashbacks. Kilgrave slimes and is ungallant. He has no Byronesque magnetism. Jessica acts erratically. This was of no consequence. Jessica is a hostile presence, acts unreliably and treats people like dirt. I have no deep faith in this concept.

Best Lines:
“30 day shred.”

“Jewel is a stripper’s name, a really slutty stripper.”

“Pick up that coffee. Throw it in your face.”

“Isolation of enemy combatants.”

“You stupid sandwich.”

“The sandwich saved me.”

“That’s not conspicuous at all.”

“Let’s go back to tense silence.”

“You bore me. Leave.”

“Try not to miss the toilet.”

Mon-El is unbearably stupid. Kara bothers Lena. Astrobiology is a thing. Cisco and Barry show up to annoy. Joy is detached. Kara cooks the Thanksgiving turkey with her laser eyes. Where was Lena adopted from? Where is her father? Ugly accusations are made. Mon-El tells constant lies. Kara is explicitly defined by her stupidity. A bio-weapon was stolen from the Fortress of Solitude. Alex has heart rending regret.

Where is Max Lord? This was initially upbeat and full of technobabble. Cyborg Superman is acquisitive. Where are the LCorp staff? Maggie is injured. The Luthors are besmirched. There is no admirable honesty or solace for Lena. She and Kara defy their families desired wishes. Kara is an arbiter of disputes. Winn and James have ceased to have meaning. Hank overacts. Both of them. This was good. What is the Well Of Stars? There are cop-outs regarding the Maggie/Alex and J’onn becoming a White Martian plotlines.

Best Lines:
“What is science?”

“Murdering world domination direction.”

“Reality shredding particles.”

“Earth is for the humans.”

“We fought and I lost.”

“Mutant horror show.”

“This is quite a depressing sight.”

“Back-stabbing jibe.”

“How many suns we burn.”

“There was truth in that.”

“You shouldn’t be dying.”
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