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Harper's Island Ep 2 Review


The classless Hunter tries to woo Trish and her oversize gums away from Henry. And it may not be the first time, it is suggested than after Trish broke up with Hunter she went back to Henry. So did she dump Henry for Hunter once before? Jimmy and Shane are jerks to Abby. A deer is done in. Everyone goes on a scavenger hunt, what are they 12? The vicar is done in. Abby broods because her dad shot John Wakefield and then sent her away. Chloe tracks down Wakefield's grave which is on unconsecrated ground that someone has turned into a shrine full of candles. The Wakefield grave shrine was effectively creepy. Trish's evil dad acts oily. JD has it on with a troubled girl named Kelly who is then killed. A nasty prank makes Henry act deranged. He has a temper. One of Trish's obnoxious friends comes to a nasty end in a firepit.

Three people died in this ep, but we don't care as they only showed up in this ep to be dead meat. Still the creepy grave and Henry acting deranged was good. I'll stick with this show. Still four people are now dead, will people notice the depopulation problem soon?

Main Suspect: Henry and his mad eyes.

Best Lines:
"He's dead."
"Then how come I keep seeing him?"

"John Wakefield murdered my mommy. Wah-wah! Boo-hoo!"

"Can anyone please explain to me why anyone outside a Roadrunner cartoon would build traps like these?"

"The last thing I need is a deer head in my bathtub."
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